Jon Stewart, capitalist stooge  Jon Stewart, formerly known as Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, Comedy Central’s liberal-leftist comic “newscaster,” thinks the bloody “knockout game” sweeping the country is a joke fabricated by disturbed conservative reactionaries–or is that redundant in Stewart’s perceptions of reality?

On Monday, Stewart laughed and scoffed on The Daily Show at the occasionally reported yet widespread brutal attacks by black assailants, mostly on white victims.  As a liberal-leftist, Stewart couldn’t quite bring himself to express much sympathy for the knockout victims and he certainly didn’t believe it would be worthwhile to increase legal penalties for such wildly-exaggerated assaults.

However, Stewart did find some serious time to call for stricter gun controls, a proven useless effort to curb crime in America and irrelevent to black knockouters who usually use their fists to blindside their victims and reserve guns for more murderous mayhem.

Meanwhile, in Rochester, New York, some rocket scientists who play the knockout game in their spare time much like normal people go bowling or play Monopoly thought it would enhance their street cred to brag on Facebook about assaulting an elderly man.

Rochester resident Tiaje Gray brilliantly shared the video of his attack with his family and friends.

Later, the other assailants in the video joked over it all and a guy with the alias “Haze on Homage” revealed his own name and the name of the other thugs involved.  Haze on Homage wrote, “He saw me the whole time getting ready to punch him it’s his fault he didn’t wanna fight.”

Good reasoning, Haze!  Are you a Jon Stewart fan, by any chance?

After the police saw the video, the Facebook post was removed but not before a screen capture was posted to Live Leak.

Demonstrating that the really fun knockout game is spreading beyond mean city streets to the ‘burbs and is now even being played by blacks with black victims, ABC’s Eyewitness News reported that 20-year-old Long Island resident Darryl Mitchell has been arrested and will be charged with up to 7 counts of knockout assaults of a suspected dozen dating back to April of 2013.

Darryl Mitchell, 20, of North Amityville, is believed  Mitchell of North Amityville, Long Island, allegedly, has been one busy dude, attacking neighbors of varied races, including at least two elderly victims in the Babylon and Amityville areas.  One elderly black man, Darryl Jones, told ABC ”It came out of nowhere.  A single, roundhouse punch to the face that left him stunned” and left him with ”a gash above his eye that took seven stitches to close.”

Out on the Left Coast, a nearby resident videotaped a brutal attack on a homeless man on the Venice Beach boardwalk last Friday at around 4 a.m.  The video shows two young black men beating and stomping another black in a drunken, obscenity-filled, unprovoked attack.

One of the suspects was seen mercilessly smashing the helpless victim with a beach chair in what LAPD Capt. Brian Johnson described as a “a very violent attack” with the victim sustaining severe lacerations and a fractured arm.


Were clear instances of blacks playing the knockout game insufficient to convince Jon Stewart that black violence is sweeping America, perhaps evidence that even middle school African-American kids as young as 11 are now playing, and attacking their African-American peers, might wake him up.

Precisely that happened in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where police arrested a gang of four black children, aged 11 through 14 (the 14 year old was a girl) suspected of committing a string of “knockout game” attacks between October and November.  Their targets included an 11-year-old boy who was punched on President Street and a youth struck with a rock while walking home from the same school they attended.

Then, again, Stewart is a typical liberal, i.e., overflowing with compassion for criminals with little regard for victims of crimes.  The best chance of his waking up to the realities of the knockout game might come if and when he is sucker-punched for no reason and when he recovers being reminded of the old truism that ”A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.”