The Kwanzaa U.S. Commemorative Postage Stamp  Here in America, we’re blessed with a multiplicity of rights among which is the inalienable to create hoaxes for fun and/or profit and, with a modicum of luck, convince others to take us seriously as in the case of what is nowadays called Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community, and Culture.

Originally proposed as a Christmas alternative by its inventor, he apparently realized thirty years later that many of his Kwanzaa converts weren’t about to turn their backs on Christmas and that a specific Black alternative to the national holiday was more than a tad offputting to Christians as well as blatantly racist since America has no specifically White holiday so he decided his invention wasn’t really supposed to be an alternative, after all.

Got that?

You see, when you invent something, you’re pretty much free to tinker with it, even to the extent of radically changing its fundamental meaning and purpose.

Ron Karenga, founder of  And, the man who invented Kwanzaa (misspelled Swahili for “first fruits”) just two years after getting out of prison,  Maulana (Swahili for “master teacher”) Ron Karenga (Swahili for “keeper of tradition”), born Ronald McKinley Everett, knew all about radical change.

An avowed Marxist/Black revolutionary/Black supremacist, Everett had been convicted of kidnapping and brutally torturing two Black women members of his murderous Us (United slaves) cult, was sentenced to one to ten years in prison, served four, after which he immediately began rehabilitating his image and envisioning Kwanzaa.

In July 1971, psychiatrist W. D. Achuff described Karenga as “a danger to society who is in need of prolonged custodial treatment in prison . . . irrational and bizarre [and] “confused and not in touch with reality,”according to the LA Times.

In a 1978 article Washington Post article, Hollie West quoted Karenga on the formation of Kwanzaa: “I created Kwanzaa.  People think it’s African. But it’s not. I wanted to give black people a holiday of their own. So I came up with Kwanzaa. I said it was African because you know black people in this country wouldn’t celebrate it if they knew it was American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that’s when a lot of bloods (Blacks) would be partying!”

But, enough about Everett-Karenga whose sadistic, criminal background includes shoving a hot soldering iron into one Black woman’s mouth and using a vise to crush another Black woman’s toe, and his racist history are open books to all but the mainstream media.  Those media have so successfully buried his past that he is now Chairman of the Africana Studies Department at California State University, Long Beach, director of the Kawaida Institute for Pan African Studies, author of several books, former member of the organizing committee and author of the mission statement of the Million Man March, and is included on the 2002 list of 100 Greatest African Americans. 

Not bad for an accused rapist and convicted kidnapper and vicious torturer of Black women!

ARTICLE: Kwanzaa starts today   Everett-Karenga’s Kwanzaa is a travesty on many levels wth the only upside being that most Blacks seem to be catching on to the farce, albeit for the wrong reasons and despite inflated claims to the contrary.

BIG Research, a market research firm, found that 1.6%, or some 4.7 million of those surveyed in 2004 celebrated Kwanzaa in America although Everett-Karenga claimed 28 million celebrants two years later and the African-American Cultural Center claimed 30 million in 2009.  However, Professor Keith A. Mayes, Chairman of the African-American and African Studies Department at the University of Minnesota, contended more realistically that about one half to two million African-Americans (1% to 5%) participated in Kwanzaa in 2011 due to the decline of Everett-Karenga’s black power movement.

As for the alleged millions of foreign Kwanzaa fans, no authoritative source has confirmed any of those claims.

At the risk of contradicting Prof. Mayes, the more likely decrease of professed Kwanzaaians is not the decline in violent black power movements but rather the precise opposite: Since Black violence has become so commonplace in America, since the mainstream media perniciously persists in concealing the extent of that mayhem from the American public, and since Blacks now effectively control the federal government as well as various state governments and many of the seats of academia, what need is there for redundant assertions of Black supremacy?

Among many other Kwanzaa critics, the irrepressible Ann Coulter, conservative social critic, commentator, author, and columnist, has exposed the sham that is Everett-Karenga’s Celebration of Family, Community, and Culture and his “United slaves” organization that almost makes the old Black Panthers thugs appear like fine, upstanding American citizens.


In “Kwanzaa: The Holiday Brought To You By the FBI” on, Coulter reveals that Everett-Karenga was either an FBI “willing dupe, or just a dupe,” who demonstrated he had at best a tenuous hold on reality.  Coulter reported that “in a 1995 interview with Ethnic NewsWatch, Karenga matter-of-factly explained that the forces out to get O.J. Simpson for the ‘framed’ murder of two whites included: ‘the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, Interpol, the Chicago Police Department.’ “ 

(He omitted mention of complicity by Bill Clinton, the Better Business Bureau, and the Girl Scouts and apparently forgot that OJ was freed thanks only to the gross violation of our justice system by “jury nullification” of the overwhelming evidence.)

  Aside from his established criminal, sociopathic, and Black racist behavior, Maulana Ron Karenga’s, aka Ronald McKinley Everett’s, greatest crime may be pretending that Kwanzaa is any more real than ”Seinfeld’s” Frank Costanza’s “Festivus for the rest of us.”  The chief distinctions between Kwanzaa and Festivus are that Kwanzaa is a weeklong joke whereas Festivus only lasted a day. 

Also, George’s father was somewhat serious.