Eliot Spitzer was a law  Eliot Laurence Spitzer, the 54 year old New Yorker born to privilege in the exclusive Riverdale section of the Bronx, the son of Anne (née Goldhaber), an English literature professor, and Bernard Spitzer, a wealthy real estate mogul, and the grandson of Galician Jews and Jewish Palestinian immigrants, may have made the greatest mistake of his life by never having his Bar Mitzvah, according to which 13 year old Jewish boys, future Jewish men, become accountable for their actions.

Poor Eliot clearly never quite learned the specifics of that accountability.

Prior to becoming a bar mitzvah, a Jewish boy’s parents are held responsible for whatever he does but afterwards he is supposed to bear total  responsibility for his actions according Jewish law, tradition, and ethics.  Understanding and accepting those responsibilities could have greatly benefited the over-achieving Spitzer in his various careers as well as in his personal life.  They could also have saved him from the disgrace that followed.

Spitzer gained his greatest notoriety after working for two years as an assistant D.A. in the office of Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau and then launching two bids for the position of NYS Attorney General.  Thanks to an admittedly huge infusion of family money, he finally, barely, won that highly-coveted position in 1998 by a miniscule margin of 0.6% and, as an incumbent, was re-elected handily four years later.

It was during his 8-year tenure as AG that Spitzer showed his true, overreaching colors when he effectively usurped federal government  prerogatives of investigating and prosecuting corporate white-collar crime, securities fraud, Internet fraud, environmental violations, and subpoenaing witnesses and corporate records. 

He succeeded in gaining national recognition and a reputation as a political Mr. Clean and was even considered as Democrat Party vice presidential material in 2004, all in spite of questions concerning earlier illegal campaign financing.

Financed again by that same family money, Spitzer, and his wealthy father, virtually bought the New York governorship in 2006 and soon after, the ignominious downfall of Eliot L. Spitzer began.

Ashley Dupre bikini  Spitzer ultimately admitted he had regularly engaged the services of a high-priced prostitution service, Emperors Club VIP, and paid for sex with $1,000-an-hour call girls, (his favorite hooker was 22 year old Ashley Dupré), despite being married for 25 years to Silda Wall, a successful Southern Baptist attorney in her own right.

Reports show he spent as much as $80,000 for prostitutes during his years as Attorney General and Governor yet tSpitzer is alleged to have misused campaign funds to pay for rooms in Washington’s Mayflower Hotel to carry on his illicit assignations.

The “reform governor” resigned the governorship on St. Patrick’s Day 2008, a scant 14 1/2 months after assuming that office after being caught with his pants down, after achieving none of his state government reforms, and after accusations of involvement in various scandals.

However, assumptions the disgraced pol would slither back under the rock from which he came were presumptuous given the twisted character and extreme hubris of Mr. Spitzer–and given the inclinations of his fellow liberal-leftists in high places.

Spitzer soon re-surfaced as a writer for Slate.com, taught at the City College of New York, went on a public speaking tour, co-starred briefly on CNN’s “Parker-Spitzer” with Kathleen Parker, appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” served as a substitute anchor on MSNBC, and then signed on with the anti-semitic, anti-American Al Jazeera’s Current TV. and actually had the amazing chutzpa to run for the job of New York City Comptroller, a run in which he was roundly trounced. 


Anthony Weiner  The pathetic Spitzer met his Waterloo and proved that pathetic losers never lose their spots by hypocritically condemning his political soulmate, Anthony Weiner, due to Weiner’s “improper” behavior in sexting pictures of his genitals to various women and girls after he had busily boinked a slew of young hookers.

Still suffering from a dearth of rational accountability, lustful, lusting Spitzer now seems to be getting nasty with his hookers.

According to the New York Daily News, high-priced call girl Rebecca Woodard recently said “she had a rough encounter with Spitzer in an East Side apartment owned by Manhattan Madam, Kristin Davis, claiming he pinned her to a bed and choked her.”  The madam supported Woodard because “she had received numerous complaints from the girls about Spitzer’s aggressive behavior,” all of which allegations a Spitzer spokeswoman characterized as ”unequivocally untrue.”

Refusing to buy into any more of her hubby’s lies and excuses for his serial sexual escapades, Silda Wall Spitzer who had stood by her tainted man for years, had already filed for a divorce following a New York Post report that Eliot was seen exiting the apartment of Lis Smith in the early morning hours.  Ms. Smith was his former spokeswoman and current communications director for new NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

Many are wondering how Smith,  The good news is that Lis showed no signs Eliot had choked her too badly.  Even without his Bar Mitzvah, Spitzer learned not to leave marks.