Comedian Tracy Morgan Receives   I recently posted an article, “Outrages and Something Else,”, which included comment on the unrelenting abuse the liberal establishment has been heaping on Sarah Palin which reached rockbottom with “30 Rock’s” Tracy Morgan.  In the article I wrote, “Tracy Morgan went there on national television.  With Alec Baldwin as a co-star on that show, it’s almost understandable that Morgan would be repulsive but he even exceeded that low standard when he said Sarah Palin was ‘good masturbation material:’ ”  

Not only was the “comedian” not rebuked or censored for his witticism by the “NBA on TNT” commentators, among whom was NBA great, Charles Barkley, made on a sports show yet, but the liberal National Organization for Women has uttered nary a peep about Morgan snidely reducing a woman to a sick, sex object.   

Nor has the NOW crowd peeped even after Morgan reinforced his sexual slur by adding, “the glasses and all of that . . . great masturbation material,” which evoked rollicking guffaws at his crude one-liner from Barkley and his buddies. 

I re-posted the article on various websites and received the following verbatim critique:   

“SharonH wrote, in response to Gene Lalor:

people ‘attack’ her (as you say) because she is ignorant!!!! Tracy Morgan is apparently ignorant as well, but you are not going to convince people to vote for Palin because some liberals are stupid. . . There is enough of that to go around for sure. . . but Palin can’t be your candidate, no matter how much you want it.

Link to comment: 

It was a curious response, to say the least, curious for various reasons among which is that I wasn’t trying “to convince people to vote for Palin because some liberals are stupid” or “ignorant.”  I was simply trying to demonstrate the depths to which liberals stoop to denigrate her.  Secondly, Palin is not my candidate and hasn’t declared her candidacy for any office, anyway. 

Presumed and obviously very angry liberal “SharonH” did lead me to wonder why a liberal would defensively assume I felt those on the Left were either stupid or ignorant.  After a little research, I came to understand “SharonH’s” defensiveness and I can now conclude that libs are both stupid and ignorant.  They may have more advanced degrees than the average conservative in flyover country which does not mean they are smarter; it just means they go to school more. 

Witness the article on the ultra-liberal referring to Morgan’s masturbation observation titled, “Tracy Morgan: Loose Cannon Hero.”  It leads with, “The comic’s latest riff on Sarah Palin sparked outrage–but it’s what makes him great.” 

The writer, Mary Elizabeth Williams, based her fawning evaluation of Morgan as great on her view that “he’s an entertainer in the classic sense, one who still reliably drops bleep-worthy torrents of unfathomable commentary on national television.”  Ms. Williams further elaborates that Morgan provides a “refreshing air of spontaneous outrageousness” and adds an “authentic tone of true curiosity:” 

If I understand Ms. Williams correctly, and I do, Tracy Morgan is a great, heroic, refreshing, authentic entertainer because he was able to get away with a misogynistic smear of an accomplished, Republican conservative woman. 

Yes, “SharonH,” it was an ”attack,” a stupid, ignorant attack.  Had Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Mark Levin used the same language regarding Michelle Obama, they would have been tarred, feathered, and banished to oblivion. 

If laughing at, winking at, and defending Tracy Morgan’s remarks aren’t examples of stupidity and ignorance–not to mention gross hypocrisy–what is?