Defendant Michael Dunn looks  Accompanied by his fiancée Rhonda Rouer, forty-six year old software developer Michael “Mike” Dunn pulled into the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Florida gas station/convenience store on the evening of November 23rd, 2012 following his son’s wedding reception. 

Exactly what happened while Ms. Rouer was inside the store is in dispute, except for the fact 17 year old high school junior Jordan Davis was dead when she returned.

Dunn was originally charged with second degree murder for shooting Davis with his legally registered pistol for which he has a concealed-carry permit, a charge subsequently upgraded to first degree murder by the Duval County state attorney’s office. 

That may have been the first indication that Florida would not be treating the case in the same manner it treated the other 1,009 fatal crimes committed in the Sunshine State in 2012.

You see, Mike Dunn like George Zimmerman is white and Jordan Davis like Trayvon Martin was black.

Zimmerman, who police initially refused even to arrest, was ultimately exonerated on the basis of self-defense for shooting and killing Martin in February, 2012 under Florida’s controversial Stand-Your-Ground law.  That law gives people the right to use deadly force to defend themselves without requiring them to evade a dangerous situation if they “reasonably believe” someone will hurt them. 

Though the circumstances in Dunn’s case are much different than Zimmerman’s, he is relying on the same law to win his acquittal.

Jordan Davis’s father, Ron Davis, has vowed to exploit his son’s death to launch a crusade against guns and against the Stand-Your-Ground law, similar to the Martin family’s reactions after Trayvon’s death.   However, to date and somewhat oddly, few have publicly joined his crusade or the racial circus that ensued when Zimmerman was deemed not guilty of all charges.

The New Black Panther Party hasn’t put a $10,000 dead-or-alive bounty on Dunn’s head as they did with Zimmerman; no nationwide demonstrations have been staged against Dunn as they were against Zimmerman; and, most surprisingly, President Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t declared that if he had a son he would look like Jordan Davis.

Michael Dunn Jordan Davis   Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin  Still, pictures have been popping up featuring the unshaven defendant looking as if he could commit murder juxtaposed with the “victim” looking as if he couldn’t and wouldn’t hurt a fly, pictures comparable to the notorious representations of an unshaven, sullen Zimmerman with an angelic  junior high photo of Martin taken long before he became a teenaged, druggie gang-banger.

The defense rested its case Tuesday and the prosecution then badgering Dunn in a futile attempt to catch him in a contradiction of his story that he feared for his life when a group of black teens seated in an adjoining Durango SUV erupted into a fusillade of expletives and threats because he had politely asked them to lower their thunderous music volume.

Dunn testified he heard one of the occupants of the Durango say, “I should kill” him.  He saw what appeared to be the barrel of a gun in the dim twilight.  He unmistakably heard Davis yell, “You’re dead,” at which point he felt his “death is imminent” and responded by saying, “You’re not going to kill me” and defended himself.

The left wing, cable network, HLN, which delights in featuring salacious events such as the Jodi Arias murder trial, has been the only news source covering Mike Dunn’s trial in any detail, and judiciously muted the multitude of expletives.

With commentary by its “Dream Team” consisting of nonentities making snarky observations and Twitter crawlers virtually unanimously condemning Dunn long before his jury gets the chance to consider the evidence and lack thereof, HLN has effectively convicted the defendant.

At this point, it’s purely conjectural whether justice will prevail with Mike Dunn as it did with George Zimmerman, albeit that latter decision by a jury of his peers resulted in lawless and violent black protests against the quality of justice. 

Dunn may already be convicted by HLN and its court of leftist public opinion but who knows what his jury will decide?  Should President Obama decide that another one of his pretend sons would look like Jordan Davis, poor Mike Dunn could be cooked.