Oscars 2014 Preview:  Some 40 million people are expected to tune in Sunday night to watch the 86th annual Academy Awards when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences pats itself on the back for jobs well done and confers Oscars on those actors, actresses, directors, etc. who best reflect excellence in the film industry–and who are deemed most politically correct in conforming to Hollywood’s liberal-leftist standards of achievement.

True, there are rare exceptions to that unwritten rule, when the almost 6,000 Academy voting members are beset by nagging guilt over their biased choices and toss a bone to a conservative.  That conscience attack occurred in 1970 when they awarded Republican conservative John Wayne the Oscar for Best Actor in “True Grit.”

More probably, they were rewarding Wayne for being a liberal during his misguided younger days.

However, almost always, they reserve their top honors for those who obediently march in their political lock step and this year there will be no exceptions to the Academy’s cardinal PC rule.

Don’t expect writer-director Peter Berg or actor Mark Wahlberg to walk to the stage at L.A.’s Dolby Theater to accept an award for “Lone Survivor” anymore than Mel Gibson was recognized by the movie industry for his 2004 “Passion of the Christ. 

You see, Hollywood-types despise war movies that depict incredibly courageous American soldiers who sacrifice their lives out of a sense of national honor as much as they can’t stand religious movies even if they are accorded multiple other awards, attract record audiences, and earn over $600,000,000. 

about Django Unchained…  Comically, considering the accolades heaped on one of the most violent–and most race-baiting–movies in film history, Quentin Tarantino’s “D’Jango Unchained,” both “Lone Survivor” and “The Passion” were widely attacked by Hollywood’s critics, allegedly not because of one’s depiction of American bravery or the other’s religious content, but because they were too violent. 

Unfortunately, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doesn’t bestow an award for “Most Hypocritical.”  Then again, I guess it would be a tad awkward to give yourself the same award year after year after year.  

Who or what’s going to win on Sunday?  I haven’t a clue and I don’t give a flying fig who or what does. 

My wife and I haven’t watched the Oscar charade for twenty or thirty years.  If we wanted to watch people celebrating and applauding one another while they grind their teeth because they aren’t the ones being celebrated and applauded, we can always watch Democrats on C-Span.