A great time was had by all the hundreds of thousand marchers and millions of onlookers at Sunday’s St. Patrick’s parade in South Boston and at the parade to end all parades, the 253rd edition of New York City’s St. Pat’s Parade up Fifth Avenue on Monday.

In regrettable breaks with long-standing traditions, missing from the Boston Irish festival were Beantown’s Irish-American Democrat Mayor Marty Walsh and the Big Apple’s new Communist/Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio. 

death sentence for gays  Joined by beer-makers Guinness, Heinekin, and Sam Adams, both mayors boycotted their respective city’s parades for the same reason–refusals by principled parade committees to succumb to demands by the mayoral duo and their homosexual supporters to turn family-oriented parades into walking advertisements for the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) movement.   

No doubt their presence would have been replete with the obscene gay exhibitionism typical of homosexual parades in previous San Francisco and “Gay Pride” marches in New York City, Boston, and elsewhere.

More so in Massachusetts than in New York, and still reflecting the powerful influence of the LGBT lobby, politicians were in short supply this year following failed negotiations between a gay advocacy group and parade organizers.

Just before the six-week negotiations collapsed, Mayor Walsh, whose sexual proclivities aren’t publicly known and who was barely two months in office,  announced in an obvious effort to pressure the organizers to comply with his and the LGBT’s demands, “It comes down to being able to identify yourself in the parade.”

Walsh went on to say, ”If the gay community is marching with me, whether they’re veterans or anybody else, if they can’t be identified like every other group in the parade is identified, I will not be marching in the parade.”

No one is on record noting his absence anymore than anyone much cared that Mayor De Blasio had insulted every person of Irish heritage in New York by refusing to participate in NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Often incensed for one thing or another, gays have been especially livid for years over parade policy that no one is ever permitted to march and advocate any cause not expressly related to the Irish or to Chistianity or Ireland or with banners or signs identifying marchers as members of the Plumbers Union or socialists or the Bird Watchers of America–or as homosexuals.

Rep. Peter King, an Irish-American, made the point that former mayor ”Mike Bloomberg was 100% pro-gay in all his policies and he marched in the parade.”  Irish-American Cardinal Timothy Dolan was also unhappy with the new mayor but deferred his criticism by saying during the parade, “Oh I’ll talk to him privately about that one.  This isn’t a day for brawling.”

On the other hand, De Blasio’s Irish-American Police Commissioner Bill Bratton had the gonads to disagree with his boss and proudly stated, “It’s very important to me, heritage, as commissioner of the NYPD, which celebrates its great Irish heritage.  There’ll be thousands of officers marching today so I thought it was important to me marching with them also.”

Naturally, gay activists applauded the mayor’s decision to boycott this year’s parade, at the same time they bizarrely insisted that all uniformed police and fireman be banned in the future, I guess because uniforms tend to scare them.

One gay fruitcake, Mark Milano, a member of the organization Irish Queers, commented online, “If there was a Ku Klux Klan parade would de Blaiso [sic] allow cops to march in uniform in that parade? Never. This is equally as offensive as a Klan parade.”

And, if there were certified extraterrestials in the White House, would we grant them amnesty and give them green cards because they were green?

Take a look at some treats missed because some people in Boston and New York thought normal people  wouldn’t appreciate them:



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Classy stuff, no?  The pic of two exploited little girls carrying a sign declaring their love for their “two mommies” is especially awesome!