Many of America’s First Ladies have chosen causes they feel so passionate about as to make them their legacies.

Dolley Madison actively supported various charities to help orphans.  Mary Todd Lincoln promoted efforts to provide care to Union soldiers and helped organize relief services for freed former slaves and injured soldiers.  Eleanor Roosevelt fought for equal rights.

More recently, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy helped restore the White House, Lady Bird Johnson advocated for the “beautification” of the nation,  Rosalynn Carter contributed to her husband’s failed presidency by sitting in on his Cabinet meetings, Nancy Reagan became almost synonymous with her anti-drug “Just Say No” campaign, Hillary Rodham Clinton pushed for a misbegotten health care system, and Laura Bush primarily concerned herself with children, education, and women’s health.

michelle obama fat overweight  Our current First “Lady,” Michelle Robinson LaVaughn Obama, could have chosen to lead by example or campaign against something more substantive such as curing the black crime epidemic but instead became obsessed with the idea of forcing fat kids to get thinner and growing vegetables at the White House. 

Not only are kids not slimming down but the veggies in the garden she rarely tends have often gone to rot.

Lady O’s cause of curing child obesity, if not her raison d’etre, her reason for being, was at least planned to be her legacy, a legacy that has gone down the tubes even faster than her hubby’s.

Deceptive as always, during a celebration of the fourth anniversary of “Let’s Move,” her White House initiative on fitness and healthy eating, Lady O referenced a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control which showed an astounding, in fact unbelievable, 43% decrease in obesity among children aged 2-5.

Junk food can have many  However, she craftily ignored a report by Reuters health and science correspondent Sharon Begley that concluded that “the results are so uncertain that “based on the researchers’ own data, the [American] obesity rate may have even risen rather than declined.”

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, that the FLOTUS has demonstrated a glaring disconnect between what she believes in and what’s workable.

Her presumptuous school lunch program, officially the ”Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,” a law she actively pushed, has been met with massive rejection by those most affected by it–children–because the new menu items are both unpalatable and more expensive for families who pay full price and aren’t subsidized.

A Government Accountability Office report released last week showed that students are going hungry because of the smaller portions and reduced caloric content and the fruits and vegetables schools are required by the $11 billion National School Lunch Program to serve often end up in the garbage.  Younger kids then head home to scarf down Skittles and Oreos and teens head for the nearest Mickey D’s for a couple of Big Macs to compensate for Michelle’s starvation diet.

Yet, the delusional Lady O has said, “Because of this act . . . 32 million children get more of the nutrition they need  to learn and grow and be successful and I do hope it’s delicious–we’re working  on that, yes, indeed.”

Yes, indeed, ”Let’s Move” is moving, moving toward fatter and hungrier kids rather than toward the goal of thinner, well-fed  kids.  Its failure proves  one more time that when the feds get involved in areas in which they they have no business like health care and school lunches, they invariably screw things up or make things worse. 

Michelle Obama is set to  Michelle and Barack should have stuck to what they know best such as vacationing.