Upside to a Down Economy   Before anyone starts thinking that there’s nothing good to say about President Barack Hussein Obama and his presidency, a major conservative website,, has come up with 10 good things about the man and his administration.  Most of the good comes with qualifications but, hey, we can’t expect miracles.  

Among his foreign policy/anti-terrorism positives is his fundamental adherence to the initiatives of the man he consistently derided, George W. Bush.  Gitmo is still open and will remain unshuttered indefinitely since Obama hasn’t the foggiest idea of what else to do with its resident terrorists and despite his pledge to close it within a year.  HumanEvents also lists as a plus Obama’s not abandoning Afghanistan and Iraq, yet, despite his commitment to cut and run. 

Politically, Obama’s other plusses include his inadvertent creation of the Tea Party and his also unintentional but invaluable assistance in aiding Republicans to take control of the House of Representatives. 

On the domestic front, after kicking and screaming,  Obama agreed to the extension of the Bush tax cuts, albeit for only 2 years, and increased the number of deportations of illegal aliens, although the administration went after Arizona’s new, common-sense immigration law. 

Finally, thanks to his repeated gaffes and other demonstrations that he is as flawed and inept as Jimmy Carter, Obama self-deflated the self-created “messiah myth,” annoyed those in his party even more leftist than he, and, in what may be the greatest good he has accomplished, his love of vacations and golf have afforded other Americans to goof off too: 

However, coins generally have two sides and the flip side of the Obama coin, the national damages for which he’s indirectly or directly responsible, far outweigh any good he has achieved.  Compiled from various identified and reliable sources, that damage is staggering.  Obama’s hope has faded rapidly while the change he promised has come to fruition although it’s not quite the type of change those who voted for him expected. 

For example, since he assumed office a scant two years ago, unemployment has climbed 23.7% and black unemployment 26.4%, the poverty rate has risen 8.3%, the number of food stamp recipients has climbed 35.1% to 43,201,000, and the national debt has soared 32.4% to $14,052 trillion.    

Meanwhile, during Obama’s brief tenure, median household income has actually fallen almost 1%, the U.S. dollar has declined 6%, and America has gone from 5th to 9th in “Economic Freedom World Rankings.”  All those figures, and more, are substantiated at 

They do not include figures on the perhaps irreparable harm done to the national economy and to Americans’ health, future, and spirit by the passage of the ugliest of all Obama crimes, Obamacare, which potentially can wreak total havoc on what’s left of our fiscal integrity. 

With two years to go in his reign, the damage he could accomplish is incalculable.  Give him four more years after that, it will be catastrophic.  Catastrophe might very well be what he has plotted all along but, whatever bad befalls us, Obama will be certain to chant his tried and true mantra: Bush did it!