network's Sharyl-Attkisson  Former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson was much too polite when she said recently that she resigned after twenty years at the network  because CBS was becoming “too shy” about honestly covering and challenging the Obama administration.

By contrast, Ms. Attkisson pointed out to FNC’s Howard Kurtz that she had never encountered comparable shyness on the part of her network or her CBS colleagues when it came to “aggressively” pursuing stories about the George W. Bush administration while many allegations about Barack Hussein Obama’s administration were never aired.

Good grief!  Could that be true? 

As she explained, when a story that could negatively impact Obama came up, “It never runs.  Or it dies the death of a thousand cuts, as some of us say. If it’s something they don’t want, it will be changed and revised and shortened and altered so much that it’s a shadow of its former self if it does air.”

With all due respect to Sharyl–and she deserves a great deal of respect for finally bailing on the liberal-leftist network–where has she been the last five years?

CBS News admitted last August that her personal computer had been hacked by “an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions,” a mysterious hacking she had long suspected, but she didn’t resign until March 10 of this year.  Granted, the network had refused to let her resign earlier but she could have outed CBS’ partisan censorship policies in the interim, no?

(See “Obama’s ‘Most Feared Reporter,’ Sharyl Atkisson,”

msm obie  And, countless blockbuster stories have been censored, blocked, or scrapped by the powers-that-be at CBS as well as by their fellow mainstream media cohorts, censorship that could reasonably be characterized as gross, journalistic malpractice–if not criminal misconduct since their failure to report with a fair and balanced approach often encouraged and concealed criminal activities.

Over the course of Obama’s tenure, the MSM has shamelessly covered up or minimized everything from the extent of the black crime epidemic to the horrific story of Philadelphia’s convicted, murderous infanticidist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, to the huge “smidgen” of scandals surrounding this administration.

In fact, virtually every scandal that would have embarrassed, if they didn’t lead to Obama’s impeachment, was all but ignored.

—Little or no attention was paid to the president’s racist Justice Department effectively exonerating the New Black Panther Party after they  intimidated white Philadelphia voters in 2008.

—Almost no coverage was accorded the ATF-Fast and Furious Gun Running debacle which resulted in the death of a Border Patrol agent and  distributing American weapons to Mexican drug lords.

—Lois Lerner et al. changing the mission of the IRS from collecting taxes into Obama’s version of gestapo was considered unworthy of serious attention.

—The horrendous ineptitude and lies perpetrated by Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton which led to the Muslim slaughter of our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi.

Then there are the stories of somewhat lesser import that were hidden lest they taint the exalted image of the president:

For example, how many Americans know that Obama’s second cousin (on his white mother’s side), Kansas radiologist Dr. Milton Wolf, believes Obama may just be “the worst president in history”?

How many know that Obama’s manic political correctness is undermining our military, according to noted author Richard Miniter and many other observers?

How many Internet users know that Obama’s Commerce Department has announced plans to relinquish American control of the Web to unknown international entities?

How many know that Obama’s favorite environmental agency, the U.N.’s disgraced IPCC, wants us to give up eating meat, using coal and oil, and to abandon efforts at economic growth and preserving our national sovereignty?

How many know that our gay-friendly president chose Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, to lead the White House’s Easter Prayer Breakfast on Monday?

How many know that Russia’s Vlad Putin regards Obama as an irrelevant pissant and the American military as a paper tiger because he is the commander in chief?

Should the reader know the details of those stories, he or she must be a Republican conservative who frequents such websites as the Drudge Report for the truth about what is happening in our country and checks in with the mainstream media in search of comic relief from those truths.

Unfortunately, as Sharyl Atkisson illustrates, there is precious little that can be characterized as comedic in supposed journalists suppressing news when it conflicts with their partisan agenda.