UN Photo Library   We should all treasure the United Nations.  As its website proclaims, “It’s your world!”  According to that website, “The U.N. has 4 main purposes

  • To keep peace throughout the world;
  • To develop friendly relations among nations;
  • To help nations work together to improve the lives of poor people, to conquer hunger, disease and illiteracy, and to encourage respect for each other’s rights and freedoms;
  • To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations to achieve these goals.”

What rational being, what American, what Zambizean or Moldavian or  Kazakhstanian could take issue with that lofty dedication to peace, friendliness, respect, and harmony among nations, none of which the U.N. has come even close to realizing? 

Forget the origins of the U.N., the sleazey ngotiations that led to its founding, the able assistance in that endeavor of convicted Soviet spy and perjurer, Alger Hiss.  Forget its repetitive, abject failures in the 66 years of its existence, the presence of China, Cuba, and Libya on its “Human Rights Council,” its consistently anti-Americanism over the years.  The U.N. is “our world.”

The United Nations began with 51 nations after World War II and has now blossomed into a bloated membership of 192 countries, most of which have, if not outright contempt for its chief benefactor, the United States, a studied, diplomatic disregard for our interests.

Despite all the negatives, the U.N. has evolved into the international organization par excellence, the organization that has been impotent in ending the unending wars since WWII, the last best hope for mankind.  Oh, it also dispatches kids on Halloween to beg for UNICEF money.

Ban Ki-moon   The U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon of the Republic of South Korea,  just announced an exciting new initiative. 

For some historical perspective, Mr. Ban succeeded Ghanian Kofi Annan.  Annan had followed Egypt’s D.r. Boutros Boutros-Ghali and personally presided over the genocide in Rwanda.  He was rewarded for that disservice with the office of Secretary General.  Wearing his new hat, he oversaw a U.N. sex harrassment scandal, the Oil-for-Food Scandal, and his son, Kojo Annan raking off millions in that mess.  

Kofi was again rewarded, with a Nobel Peace Prize.

Anyway, in recognition of the United Nations’ “World Day of Social Justice,” Ban is “calling for a ‘new era’ in which all the people of the world have access to basic services and ‘decently’ paying jobs,” a goal to which any and all right-thinking citizen of the world would readily aspire.  To accomplish that feat, the U.N. is trying to establish a global “social protection floor” which “would guarantee food security, health services for all, and old-age pensions for the 80 percent of the world’s people believed to lack such protections:” http://tiny.cc/kcq0p 

It’s not quite the equivalent of a chicken in every pot, two cars in every garage, and an apple pie in every oven, or in the sky.  It’s more akin to Nirvana but in the name of “social justice,” buzzwords implying unalienable rights and responsibilities.

Not that there’s any problem with Nirvana.

The only problem, as with so many U.N. problems, aspirations, and dreams, is that Mr. Ban hasn’t the vaguest notion of how to implement it, except for the usual, lowering the floor and getting the United States to pay for his reveries.  The plan is similar in purpose to the U.N.-promoted global warming-carbon credits scam.  No one seriously believes America will benefit from carbon credits; we will just lower our standard of living so we more closely resemble the Third World. 

The notion of providing basic services, decent jobs, food security, medical needs–and old age pensions–to the billions of world inhabitants who don’t currently enjoy those advantages is preposterously insane and as foreign to those billions as indoor toilet facilities. 

The irony of Ban’s scheme–one of the plethora of ironies involving the United Nations–is that the U.N. has long demonstrated a gross inability to succeed in its most fundamental goal, world peace, and now it’s aiming for societal promised land of milk, honey, and pensions? 

of the United Nations   As with the charade of global warming, now called “climate change” so the warmists can cover all bases, President Obama will no doubt climb on board this new “social justice” initiative.  Nothing is nearer and dearer to Obama’s globalist heart than the United Nations, except maybe all things Islam.