There’s a certain undercurrent out there which seems more and more to be bubbling up to surface current status and it’s not good news for those of the Jewish extraction. 

In Europe, where anti-Semitism reached its apogee in Germany and Austria following the punitive features of the Treaty of Versailles and the rise of Naziism, England has now become a hotbed of violence against Jews and the ADL is reporting significant anti-Semitism in France, Poland, and Hungary, as well as in Germany and Austria. 

   Here at home, Mel Gibson’s drunken tirade against a Jewish cop in Malibu in 2006 in which he allegedly said, “F**king Jews . . The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” made headlines worldwide and his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva dug his Hollywood hole even deeper when she revealed he once said, ”I want Jew blood on my hands.”  Gibson is now gone, Oksana is suing him, he’s countersuing, and the cop, Deputy James Mee, is suing the LAPD. 

Anyone else need a scorecard?  It never seems to end, not just the court battles but the tirades. 

Last summer, the leftist and Buddhist movie director Oliver Stone seemed to be channeling Gibson when he said, “Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people.” 

Stone asked then answered his own question, “Why such a focus on the Holocaust then?  The Jewish domination of the media.  There’s a major lobby in the United States.  They are hard workers.  They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington.  Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy for years:” 

The part-Jewish Stone thereby singlehandedly perpetuated what Jews have contended for years is an unfair, untrue, anti-Semitic stereotype. 

Just this month, Charlie Sheen in one of his many hazy moments went off on a tear for which he had to apologize profusely.  Charlie called Chuck Lorre, the creator of the now defunct Two and a Half Men, a “turd” and a”maggot” and repeatedly referred to him as, “Haim Levine” (or Chaim Levine), which has been interpreted as an anti-Semitic slur. 

It won’t help Sheen’s case–he’s now as much a persona non grata in entertainment circles as Gibson–but unlike Oscar winner Natalie Portman, Chuck Chaim Levine Lorre wasn’t born in Israel, although he now regrets denying his Jewishness and has written “about his visit to Israel and feeling comfortable while ‘surrounded with DNA much like my own.’ ”  (  

High-profile friends: John Galliano with model Kate Moss   The uber-fashionable British fashion designer John Galliano may not get off easily either. 

He was arrested in Paris for various offenses including an anti-Semitic attack that would curl Mel Gibson’s hair.  Madonna buddy Galliano “allegedly grabbed a respected art historian’s hair and called her an ‘ugly, disgusting whore’ with a ‘dirty Jew face’ and no dress sense during an unprovoked attack in a Paris cafe.”  According to curator Geraldine Bloch, the designer insulted every aspect of her looks, from her “ugly eyebrows” to her “cheap thigh boots:” 

He could have gotten away with the eyebrows and boots cracks but “dirty Jew face” could get him banished to designer hell. 

More to the point, why all this recent Jew-bashing worldwide? 

Add to increasing international incidents of anti-Semitism, factor in Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Galliano, and a New York Post report that, “Hate crimes across New York state jumped 14 percent in 2009, led by an increase in attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions,” and it must be concluded that something is brewing.  Exactly what that something is remains unclear but it’s not healthy, especially for Jews.