Star of David   It seems that, even as I came across as a Jew-hater to some, others interpreted my sentiments in “What’s With All the Jew-Bashing?” ( as evidence I am an Israel-apologist. 

In truth, I am neither. 

Rather, I am an American Firster revivified, someone who believes to his core in the United States, in all it is, in all it stands for, and in all I hope it will be.  I also subscribe to the antiquated notion that those who are not with us are against us.  If we include “those against us” as any nation or people who have disparate aims from ours and would be more than willing to sacrifice the United States to their ultimate goals then I would have to say they are against us. 

If that profile fits Israel, so be it.

That said, the following angry yet comical diatribe was posted as a comment on the Jew-bashing article.  It’s too preciously inane, vitriolic, and wrong to be incorporated as a mere addendum to previous postings and deserves some extra attention if only to illustrate the inanity, the vitriol, and the wrong-ness out there in blogland. 

As before, the comment is verbatim and bracketed editorial commentary is provided. 


“See, what you get, Berlet98, for sucking ass? [Good grief!]

You try to ingratiate yourself by pantingly defending the Jew cause at the expense of  browbeating and condemning other people’s right to dislike the ‘sacred cows’ but they still don’t approve you and validate you.

That is their nature, Sir.

You just don’t take it on your own and start defending their ass without any license lest you cause their lucrative industry of victimhood to be downplayed by your honest and objective view of history. [That seems just a tad confused, "Naiungramodeclase."]

Wait ‘til they soon enact laws to enforce ‘their  version of history’ as they’ve done in Europe and in Canada.  Your ass might end up in the can  doing time for your view of history.

THEY are the ONES that must tell you what to say and how to say it.  [THEY are?  They sure flummoxed me!]

Ah?  Who are you?  They will quickly find any stealth meaning in your statement, turn words around before you can say ‘Jew’ and first thing you know you’re pulling a dripping condom out of your ass, saying  “Oops, what’s this?”  [Now, that's crude and evidence you have homosexual tendencies!]

You are naïve Berlet98, I’m sure young, and  brain-washed by years of school and Media inculcation and thereby inexperienced in dealing with the crafty, insidious and controlling Jew mindset.  You’ll learn . . . you’ll learn.  [You got me there, "Niung."  My mommy always told me I was an ignorant slow learner.  I have to remember to tell my grandkids that I'm young!]

Of course, all this opinion presented here will be ‘intellectually and articulately rebutted’ with the simple fix-all label of . . . anti-Semitism!  Yeah!  When all else fails . . . play the race card in your sleeve.  [Fyi, Niung, Jews don't constitute any specific race but rather are members of a religion.  So, there!] 

For what it’s worth, my intellectual and articulate rebuttal is complete.  For what it’s worth, I don’t understand how nimrods like “Naiungramodeclase” are able to tie their shoes in the morning, let alone type!  He would do himself and the world a favor by getting some help.