Entertainers, whether stage, screen, television, radio, or blogosphere entertainers, are imbued with a gift, an enviable ability infused by stardom which they often confuse with wisdom and which they often employ to inculcate in the masses a sense of righteous, often misdirected, rectitude.

We’ve grown accustomed to egotistical entertainers like Martin Sheen and Lindsay Lohan making public fools of themselves.  It’s the more committed types like Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and George Clooney who take themselves so very seriously and who predicate their rants on little else than misinformation and liberal ideology who pose the biggest danger.  Ben Affleck is a charter member of that club. 

   Thirty-eight year old actor-director Ben Affleck, born Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt, made his Hollywood mark as the third banana dumb guy in 1997′s “Good Will Hunting,” and has vainly been trying to overcome that dumb stereotype ever since. 

An ardent liberal and cause activist, Affleck has campaigned for get-out-the vote drives and has worked tirelessly for the A-T Children’s Project, Feeding America, Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and the UN’s Refugee Agency, the UNHCR’s Gimme Shelter Campaign.  Given all that social activism, it’s tough to see how he crams in time to make movies, but he does and they’re not all bad.

Dumped by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, Affleck continued his quest for personal reinvention by marrying Jennifer Garner five years ago and they’re still together.  A Democrat liberal to his core, when he’s sufficiently well-heeled he’d like to run for Congress even though previous excursions into politics when he enthusiastically loaned his ego and influence to presidential losers Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton didn’t go very well. 

The multi-millionaire Affleck, fresh off attacking American CEOs for their extravagant compensation and after offering his expert opinions on criminology since he starred in “The Town,” is currently on another tear, saving the Congolese, and he wants America to  accomplish that salvation.   

Dem-libs usually stand in vociferous opposition to any American extranational involvement, especially when a Republican is president, but Affleck is making an exception for the Congo with an African-American residing in the White House.  Never reticent, he testified before Congress on Wednesday on the subject of the corrupt, warlike Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is to be distinguished from its neighbor, the somewhat less-corrupt, warlike Republic of the Congo.    

   In making his case for increased U.S. involvement, Affleck “told Congress that 5 million people have died from civil conflict in that country since 1998.”   He didn’t reveal the basis for that catastrophic number but did insist that “The United States government can and should play an active role in ensuring that this November’s elections are free and fair.” 

“He called on Congress to provide the Congo with funding for monitors for the upcoming November election and for President Barack Obama to appoint a special envoy to the country.”  That’s little enough that we should do, Affleck strongly implied, since America caused the whole Congo mess by withdrawing in 2007.  

Now, it’s admirable that this very busy man is concerned about Congolese genocidal atrocities.  However, even aside from his probably wildly inflated figure of five million dead–a million would be bad enough–at the same time he is blinded by his liberalism to give a free pass to the United Nations.  

After the hearing, Affleck was asked by CNSNews.com, “The State Department’s report on human rights in the Congo said that the government’s security forces have committed rape, torture and disappearances.  Do you think the United Nations has failed in the region?”

   Affleck responded, “I don’t think the U.N. has failed.  I think, I mean, the U.N. is doing a lot of things, naturally.  It’s a very difficult job and they’re not, they haven’t finished, and things need to get better:” http://tiny.cc/ss4bz 

The United Nations hasn’t failed.  It’s “doing a lot of things, naturally.”  It’s “very difficult.” “They haven’t finished.”  “Things need to get better.” 

Anyone else think, “Obama,” on reading those pathetic comments?  Anyone else think that Ben doesn’t have the bloodiest idea what he’s talking about?  Anyone else think that, absent his prepared script, Ben is as uninformed and inarticulate as our president is absent his teleprompters? 

In point of fact, the U.N. has succeeded in its typical fashion of taking a bad African  situation and making it horrendous.  It accomplished that trick before in Rwanda when future Secretary General Kofi Anon presided over the fratricidal genocide there. 

In 1961, the U.N. dispatched 10,000 troops to the newly independent Congo, and failed miserably in preventing a civil war. 

In July 1999, the Security Council established the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC).  As the DailyBeast.com observed in an article titled, “The U.N.’s Congo Disaster,”  ”The U.N. was supposed to keep the peace in the DRC—instead, its troops are accused of rape and its mission accused of worsening the violence.” 

Par for the U.N. course. 

As Congo survivor Annie Rashidi-Mulumba writes, ”The UN launched this offensive believing its participation would protect civilians and human rights.  Instead, a new wave of horrific violence broke out. . . ‘MONUC’s continued willingness to provide support for such abusive military operations implicates them in violations of the laws of war,’  wrote Human Rights Watch.” 

See her first hand account of that United Nations’ debacle here:  http://tiny.cc/g9ct1 

Ben Affleck’s declaration that, “I don’t think the U.N. has failed” is both naive and stupid.  Indeed, whether in Korea, or Rwanda, or Congo, the United Nations has consistently failed to effect peace and stability anywhere.  Affleck’s presumption that visiting Congo makes him an authority on the chaos there, and to lecture Congress on what it should do about it, merely moves him up a notch in the Pantheon of Entertainment Booboisie.