As Republicans in the House struggle to scuttle, scrap, de-fund the national health care plan that 59% of Americans didn’t want in the first place, Democrats aren’t exactly sitting still and waiting for the ax to fall. 

    One Democrat, Rep. John Conyers (MI), Mr. Black Reparations, has obviously been deep in thought over Obamacare, so deep that he must have been barely conscious when he let slip what Democrats have been denying ever since the Obamanation was conceived.  Usually more circumspect, the doddering Democrat Conyers must have been overcome by all the attention at the National Press Club when he conceded that, in fact, Obamacare was socialized medicine. 

Conyers admitted that “Obamacare is just a ‘platform,’ or a step, toward an eventual government takeover of health care.”  Asked if he ultimately envisioned a single-payer health care system, another term avoided like the plague and denied repeatedly by congressional Dems during the great debate of 2009, he said, “Of course.  Universal health care–well, every industrial country on the planet already has a universal system of health care.”

What Conyers failed to mention was that the primary model for Obamacare, and it’s not Massachusetts’ Romneycare–although that’s bad enough–was Britain’s NHS which is going broke and systems in the other industrialized nations are in a similar pickle. 

Nevertheless, kudos to Rep. Conyers even if his fleeting moment of honesty was a fluke.  See his moment here: 

No fluke is President Transparency’s latest attack of opaqueness.      

Our vacationing, partying, golfing, basketball-playing, NCAA-tournament handicapping president is playing it very close to the executive vest when it comes to clandestine health care–don’t dare call it Obamacare to him!–meetings. 

I guess we should have expected no less than secretiveness on Obamacare–there, I’ve said it!–since the zillion page bill was hammered out entirely by Democrats to the exclusion of virtually any Republican input but the ongoing, back-door approach is, as’s SusanAnn Hiller terms it, still alarming. 

The Executive Branch is stonewalling on release of the nittygritties on what’s really going on during its health care discussions.  

Hiller points out that Presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush also elected secrecy, respectively on Hillarycare and energy policy confabs, although Obamacare ”is now the law of the land,  American taxpayers will be footing the entire bill, and will potentially ultimately have their healthcare decisions placed in the government’s control.” 

She asks, ”Doesn’t that give us the right to that information trumping the ‘implicate longstanding executive branch confidentiality interests’ excuse?  And since when does this administration give a hoot about costs, nullifying the argument that the compliance with the records request “would constitute a vast and expensive undertaking?” ( 

All good questions, Ms. Hiller, all of which overlook the obvious, that we are not now dealing with a Bush or even a Clinton.  We are now dealing with a megalomaniacal, ideologically-driven, super-egotistical president who doesn’t give a flying fig about appearances or campaign pledges of transparency or, for that matter, the health of Americans. 

He and his family, and Congress, aren’t covered by his plan.  They all are exempt. 

What inspires and motivates Barack Hussein Obama is anything but the best interests of the American people.  His inspirations and motivations derive from no other sources but that aforementioned ideology, the dreams from his Marxist father, and his education by his spiritual mentor, the America-hating Communist Saul Alinsky. 

The easiest approach to all this socialized medicine and executive secrecy on its implementation may simply be to resignedly accept it.  The only alternative is to resolutely reject it and elect a true American as president in 2012.