Keeping track of current events is a thankless, annoying, infuriating endeavor, not to mention that it’s not good for the hypertensive. 

Just a smattering of news items on a single day reveals such heights of government hypocrisy, mismanagement, and manipulation and such blatant idiocy that it’s a challenge not to think our nation has gone totally bonkers. 

   For example, going green is good and in, right?  We’re lectured daily if not by the president then by minions under his command and by state and local greens that we must at all costs all do our bit to save energy.  Use mercury-laden cfc lightbulbs, risk life and limb by bicycling to work, keep our homes at temperatures barely high enough to prevent frostbite in our living rooms, flush toilets that don’t flush, etc. etc. etc. 

However, proving once again that it’s not easy being green, after our leader emphatically announced this week that, “I’m directing our departments and our agencies to make sure 100 percent of the vehicles they buy are fuel-efficient or clean energy cars and trucks by 2015.  Not 50 percent, not 75 percent–100 percent of our vehicles,” we learn that all vehicles are equal but that some vehicles are more equal than others. 

Exempt from Obama’s mandates are his limousines, cars in his motorcades, law enforcement, and security vehicles:

Needless to say, the government has its reasons, chief of which although unannounced is that it can do what it thinks best.  The rest of us can do what we’re told to do. 

Speaking of the rest of us, there are far fewer of the rest of us than ever before, that is, more Americans are employed by various governmental entities than in manufacturing, construction, farming, fishing, mining and utilities–combined!

   World Street Journal reporter Stephen Moore described that startling situation in an article titled, “We’ve Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers.”  It could be added that we are becoming not builders or farmers or fishermen or miners but a nation of tens of millions reliant on government for their livelihoods, for the roofs over their heads, the food on their tables, money in their pockets.

Is it any wonder, Moore asks rhetorically, that states are struggling and on the brink of bankruptcy as public payrolls and pension commitments balooned, or that more and more college kids, that crop from which America formerly drew for our future makers and doers and inventors and innovators is now opting for government jobs?  (

Governments are still hiring, rarely firing, and offering benefits private employees can only dream of.  Disregard for the moment the stultifying effect of public employment on creativity and ingenuity and the long-term impact on society of dependency, Obama’s intepretation of retooling our economy.  Just consider politics. 

By a wide majority, public employees think, vote, and, as we’ve seen in Wisconsin and elsewhere, riot as Democrats.  They know where their bread is buttered and act accordingly.  At the risk of being accused of political paranoia, it all seems designed as a variation on the Romans’ panem et circum with government paychecks taking the place of bread and government pretensions of frugality serving as the entertainment.  

Almost amusing if not for its elements of pathos is what the feds do with our money.  Not unsurprisingly, it turns out they don’t want us to know what they do with it. outed the un-revered Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as not only a liar by omission but as someone who is beyond profligate when it comes to doling out the hard-earned receipts from the American taxpayer. 

As the country was at the outset of the throes of the so-called Great Recession, the worst recession since the Great Depression, as Americans were losing their homes and jobs in droves, Big Ben, Mr. Deep Pockets, was shelling out dollars as if they were doughnuts to all foreign comers.

Thanks to details released by our Federal Reserve, not voluntarily but because of a Freedom of Information Act request, our government’s boundless generosity has been revealed for all to see.

Foreign banks got the lion’s share of all that money we didn’t have to spare but “Local governments in Belgium, a Japanese fishing-cooperative financier and a company part-owned by the Central Bank of Libya” were also delighted recipients of Santa Bernanke’s largesse.  It gets better: Dexia SA, based in Brussels and Paris, gratefully accepted $33.5 billion and Dublin-based, German-owned Depfa Bank Plc raked in $24.5 billion: 

I’m just a simple-minded, ignorant old dude but when the National Exemplar demonstrates a less than exemplary model for greening the country, when our nation devolves into a socialistic society devoid of entrepenurial spirit or applicants, when we dispense billions to foreigners in the midst of an economic crisis at home, something stinks.  At the least, it’s enough to make you cynical.