It’s hard to imagine a better pick for VP than Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska! 

Attractive, conservative, smart, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-energy independence, Palin is the breath of fresh air that the country has been craving for Washington for decades.  A fearless reformer, sportswoman, mother of five, she’s shown that a woman can indeed balance a career with a home life and conduct both with aplomb and distinction.

In addition, she’s cleaner and more articulate than Senator Biden ever envisioned Obama to be!

And did I mention she’s a woman?

For a slew of past interviews of Governor Palin, please see

Senator McCain just sealed this election with Governor Sarah Palin.  Just beware of the mud-throwing from the national media and the Obama campaign that will commence any minute now.  Fear not, however, McCain will serve four years and then Palin will serve eight more.

America is back on track!Sarah, Todd and Trig Palin, April 23, 08