Water Secrets Blog: Israel   Richard Goldstone isn’t exactly a familiar household name in America.  However, in Israel, Goldstone was very well known until very recently as a Jewish apostate, a label he tried to shuck when he issued a retraction of his previous allegations of Israeli atrocities commited during the Gaza war of 2008-2009. 

Briefly, Goldstone, an eminent Jewish South African judge, saw his name affixed to a United Nations’ report on that 3-week war.  As a result of the Goldstone Report, commisioned by the U.N. Human Rights Council, he was reviled in Israel and elsewhere by Israel supporters as a wayward jurist suffering from a “moral inversion” who “preserved his judicial reputation while perpetrating a blood libel against Israel” and with worse epithets because he had dared to expose Israeli war crimes in Gaza.  

The Goldstone Report charged Israel’s IDF with a systematic, official policy to inflict punishment on civilians in Gaza.  Titled, “Human Rights in Palestine and Other Occupied Arab Territories: Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict,” the English language pdf version may be read here in its entirety: http://bit.ly/1BjEXr   

The final version issued by the anti-Semitic U.N. HRC deleted most references to Hamas atrocities and focused on the disproportionality of Israel’s retaliation.  Fourteen Israeli settlers had been killed in unprovoked Hamas missile attacks; some 700 enemy combatants were killed by the IDF as well as 714 Gaza civilians including at least 412 children.  (Hamas claimed 1200 dead children.)

Gaza   The Goldstone Report concluded that Israel, which touts itself as having “the most moral army in the world,” committed the most heinous crimes imaginable against defenseless Gazan non-combatatants.   

There was no question that the IDF was battling a grossly amoral enemy which had secreted weaponry in mosques, hospitals, and schools and had launched missile atttacks from private homes, and Israel contends it gave advance warnings, none of which mitigates Israeli war crimes. 

On April 1, 2011, coincidentally April Fools Day, Goldstone issued a retraction of the Goldstone Report.  While reiterating findings of “possibly crimes against humanity” by both Israel and Hamas, Goldstone now denies the “intentionality” of Israeli crimes contending its atrocities were the results of mistakes, not intent, and that the refusal of Israel to cooperate in the investigation was merely incidental to the report’s conclusions.

Clearly displaying an epiphany in the matter, Goldstone claimed new information had come to light which caused him to change his mind.  His retraction is an unremitted condemnation of Hamas’ tactics from which he diverged into condemnation of U.N. silence on “the inexcusable and cold-blooded recent slaughter of a young Israeli couple and three of their small children in their beds,” as if that slaughter were an excuse for Israeli actions. 

See Goldstone’s retraction, which he concludes with, ”Only if all parties to armed conflicts are held to these standards [the laws of armed conflict] will we be able to protect civilians who, through no choice of their own, are caught up in war,” here: http://wapo.st/fm8UaA

No one is contesting the barbarism of Hamas or that terror organization’s hatred of Israel and its commitment to eradicating that tiny nation from the face of the Earth.  Israel and its IDF, though, are supposed to be above it all, more civilized, Mideast paragons which merit the billions of dollars America sends them annually to serve as a bulwark against extreme, Arab regimes and movements. 

   Goldstone’s retraction was greeted tepidly by many in the Jewish community who considered it a ”half-apology” that doesn’t compensate for the aid and comfort the Report gave to Iran and other Muslim nations by exposing Israel’s war crimes.  Perhaps the most glaring retraction flaw is Goldstone’s failure to condemn Israel’s uncooperative approach to the HRC investigation and its subsequent secret investigation of its own. 

It’s all very reminiscent of Israel’s actions during and following its unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.  The Liberty commander and its surviving crewmen swear to this day that the Israeli Air Force was fully aware they were attacking an American reconnaisance vessel and was intent on sinking it and murdering everyone on board. (http://www.gtr5.com/)    

One has to wonder if Israel is as innocent and moral as it claims to be.