Islamic nations are historically accustomed to mass murder, religious mayhem, unimaginable bloody atrocities.  That’s the only explanation and not a defense for the fact the last, best hope for a peaceful world, the United Nations, has failed not only to condemn the unprovoked terrorist, sneak attack on America almost ten years ago but to even arrive at a definition of terrorism. 

The U.N. is quite capable of declaring an international Earth Day or to pass toothless resolutions against Saddam Hussein and Israeli aggression but to define or take action against the worldwide Islamic war against the West?  That doesn’t pass muster or qualify for official condemnation or even meaningless sanctions. 

The reason?  Aside from the United Nation’s established corruption, proven ineptitude, and ingrained stultification, the primary reason the U.N. can’t get around to condemning September 11th, 2001 as the acts of terrorists or get to the subject of defining terrorism is the resistance of the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference. 

   The OIC, a collection of 57 Islamic states–a number which happens to coincide with the number of American states our president says he visited during the 2008 campaign–refuses to approve any U.N. definition of terrorism without a loophole for “resistance” against foreign occupation.  The OIC “is unwilling to give ground on the issue as many of its governments believe that doing so would be tantamount to betraying the Palestinian cause.”

Put more simply, the OIC endorses terrorism in certain situations including its quest for Palestinian independence but not excluding terroristic activities executed against nations which haven’t yet specifically endorsed the idea of a Palestinian state, such as the United States.

“In its own convention on combating international terrorism, produced in 1998, the OIC declared that ‘peoples’ struggle including armed struggle against foreign occupation . . . shall not be considered a terrorist crime:” 

Usama bin Laden felt the 9/11 atrocities were justified as retaliation for Western–American–occupation of Islamic lands.  Those attacks, therefore, should not be considered as [Islamic] terrorism, according to the OIC.  

If we don’t attribute 9/11 to Islam, to whom do we assign blame?  The U.N. for tolerating and condoning the aggression of the 57 states of the OIC?  With 30% of its membership Islamic and many of the others sympathetic–or terrified–of Islamic terrorism, and with a president who bows to Islamic potentates, don’t bet on the United Nations ever condemning Muslims or accepting any responsibility for Muslim violence.