The state of Massachusetts, always on the cusp of societal change for the worst, is now in the teenage sex and abortion advice business and shilling for Planned Parenthood.  Some of the advice offered by the state-sponsored website,, includes presenting abortion as a piece of cake and advising teens on how to get one on the sneak.

A teens “sex hotline” is also available. 

The Bay State’s Department of Public Health has been funding to the tune of $100,000 a year since 2008 and has finally been called on it by an anti-abortion group, the Massachusetts Citizens for Life.  That organization’s VP for educational affairs, Linda Thayer, says, “The commonwealth is using taxpayer money to tell kids how to get a secret abortion, and that’s wrong.” 

No kidding.   

The site, produced by the AIDS Action Committee. contends abortion is “more common than you might think” as well as “safe and effective, though some people may experience temporary discomfort.”  It minimizes the risks while adding, “The reality of getting an abortion is much easier than it seems here” and oversimplifies the procedure as, “when the contents of the womb (uterus) are removed,” sort of like an abscessed tooth. 

“Maria’s” most insidious advice to teens goes beyond what even Planned Parenthood, publicly, advises.  Maria counsels kids, “It may be really hard for you to imagine talking to either your parents or a judge about getting an abortion, but there are people who can help you through it.”  Then “Maria,” who doesn’t really exist, advises there are ways to get around state law and shuffles them off to PP. 

Lest anyone thinks this is a pro-abortion scam, Maria also gives her advice in Massachusetts high schools.  As Charles Skidmore, principal of Arlington High School, says, “I’m assuming because it’s from the Department of Public Health, it’s balanced information.  There’s so much information available now, at least this has someone standing behind it that is a state-sponsored organization:” 

Yep, “standing behind it” are AIDS activists, the disgraced and busiest abortionists in America, Planned Parenthood, and a Massachusetts health department that wants to push abortions and push kids to PP to get them done. 

   While Massachusetts is pushing abortion, some colleges are keeping it on the hush hush, restricting freedom of speech in the process.

Being pro-life isn’t PC on campuses.  Pro-life students at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio figured that out when Ethel Borel-Donohue distributed, after class, some 15 flyers that discussed studies linking birth control and abortion to breast cancer.  Nothing inflames pro-abortionists more than the truth and Sinclair came down on her like a ton of condoms. 

Borel-Donohue was called on Michael Bregner’s carpet, (he’s the chair of her program and county domestic relations judge), “and told that her flyers had offended someone in the class who had an abortion and that she had no right to pass out any materials in the classroom, notwithstanding the fact that class was over.” 

Judge Brigner refused to confirm his finding in writing. 

The real issue at Sinclair goes far beyond a pro-life student’s effort to inform her fellow students of the known perils of abortion.  The issue goes to Borel-Donahue’s First Amendment rights and the right of colleges to censor freedom of expression views contradicting prevailing opinion.

Judge Brigner’s decision could be related to a finding at Princeton Theological Seminary.  There, ”literature comparing the abortion rate in the African-American community to genocide sparked outrage among students, calls for punishment, and a declaration from the seminary’s dean of student life that from now on, literature could no longer be distributed without administrative approval:”

Whatever happened to colleges and universities as exemplars of intellectual inquiry and free expression, of objective learning, of American colleges and universities as the last best hope for America’s future?

Could it be PC run amok?