Let’s deal with the fat guy first and send him on his repulsive way.  Michael Moore made an appearance on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” a show that actually makes Larry King look good, and continued to spout off about Osama’s passing to Allah-Land. 

   Moore had already characterized bin Laden’s killing as an “execution” and followed up that verdict with Morgan on Thursday by observing that “while he is glad bin Laden is gone, America ‘lost something of [its] soul’ in killing him without putting him on trial.” 

He also criticized those who gathered at Ground Zero to exult over Osama’s death: “I hear a lot of people often say, what would Jesus do?  I don’t think Jesus would go down to Ground Zero like a lot of people did . . . and have a party” and added that everyone had a right to a trial.

It’s questionable whether the America-hating, self-hating Moore would know a soul from a hole in the wall or be familiar with Jesus and he should be made aware that the Sunday night demonstration was much less a party than it was a reflection of the sentiment that the world had finally been cleansed of a pestilence.  Feel free to view Moore’s exchange with Morgan and be one of the few who watch the show here: http://huff.to/iALSy3 

Moore was also woefully wrong that everyone is entitled to a trial.  According to federal statute 107-40 passed on September 18th, 2001, ”Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists,” the President has the authority to use all “necessary and appropriate force” against those determined to have ”planned, authorized, committed or aided” the 9/11 attacks or who harbored that enemy.

The joint resolution makes reference to “those acts of treacherous violence . . . which render it both necessary and appropriate that the United States exercise its rights to self-defense and to protect United States citizens both at home and abroad . . . [and authorizes the President] “to take action to deter and prevent acts of international terrorism against the United States.” 

See the full text of 107-40 here: http://bit.ly/3OvOEH

President Obama took action to protect America against terrorism and killed Terrorist Enemy Number One.  Nowhere in that statute is there any provision for the right to a trial anymore than an enemy combatant has a right to a trial on the field of battle. 

   Ironically, Obama, who has denied that a War on Terror even exists, exercised his war powers by taking out OBL.  As Rush Limbaugh has said, America didn’t kill Osama, Obama did.

   Another irony emerged from America’s Left when Chris “Tingle Up My Leg” Matthews attacked one of his own, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for her explanation of her expression in the now-famous White House Situation Room/War Room picture.  (Or was it a Kinetic Action Room picture?  No, that’s only Libya.) 

Hillary was covering her face in what seemed shock, awe, horror, chagrin, or just plain disgust at the sight she was witnessing, the death of OBL.  

Ever the Obamaite acolyte and always eager to chastise poor Hil, Matthews took exception to Hillary’s statement that, “I am somewhat sheepishly concerned that it was my preventing one of my early spring allergic coughs.  So it [the picture] may have no great meaning whatsoever.”  May have?  Did it or did it not? 

Ever the sensitive liberal humanitarian, as opposed to the insensitive Mrs. Clinton, Matthews rendered his sensitive opinion: “I guess I understand why the Secretary of State said what she just said there.  But my guess–and my God–what’s wrong with having a decent reaction to a horrific picture?  People are killing people.  I prefer humanity.  And that’s all I’m going to say:” http://huff.to/mN6tp0 

Would that were so but I doubt it. 

   Matthews was attempting to draw a distinction between his hero Obama’s expression of deep, empathetic concern in that same photo and Hillary’s declaration that, in effect, she didn’t give a damn over the killing and was simply covering an allergic cough in the climate-controlled White House.

An unsolicited opinion: All three, Chris Matthews, the Secretary of State, and POTUS are unadulterated liars.  Matthews didn’t give a flying fig about Obama’s fate, Clinton was desparately trying to cover up a rare demonstration of feminine instincts, and Obama was staging yet another charade of involvement.       

Finally, former President George W. Bush, who for almost ten years has been lambasted by the Left for his alleged lack of involvement in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, his ignorant incomprehension and lack of Chris-Matthews’s-type sensitivity, and his retreat to parts unknown after being informed of the attacks, has been redeemed by a bunch of kids. 

Geoge Bush In Sarasota  Bush was reading The Pet Goat, not My Pet Goat, as often misidentified, to schoolchildren at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, FL when Chief of Staff Andy Card whispered in his ear that America was under attack. 

Oft-criticized for not jumping to his feet and running out of the room in panic, Bush finished calmly reading the book to the second graders before taking his leave.  His actions and inactions have now been defended by those who were there, the Booker kids, almost ten years later and ten years wiser. 

One recounted Bush’s reaction: “In a heartbeat, he leaned back and looked flabbergasted, shocked, horrified.” Lazaro Dubrocq, now 17, believes that, “Because of that, I came to realize as I grew up that the world is a much bigger place and that there are differing opinions about us out there, not all of them good.”  Another student reflected that, “I think the President was trying to keep us from finding out so we all wouldn’t freak out:” http://huff.to/kkyPMG

Michael Moore probably will always despise the country that made him a multi-millionaire, President Obama probably will always try to take credit for killing Osama bin Laden without taking responsibility for killing Osama bin Laden, Chris Matthews probably always get Obama tingles, and Hillary probably will always cough and sneeze when viewing killings. 

And GWB will probably always relish the realization that school kids understood what Leftists could not.