Just a year after Natasha Richardson, daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, met her untimely death in Quebec, Britain’s Redgrave clan gathered together once again to mourn the passing of Lynn Redgrave, the homely antiheroine of “Georgy Girl,” (1966). 

F.Scott Fitzgerald famously, supposedly, once commented to Ernest Hemingway that “the rich are different from the rest of us” to which Hemingway famously and supposedly retorted, “Yes, they have more money.” 

No matter the accuracy of that exchange, Fitzgerald was correct if he really said the rich are different and not just because they have more money and the same can be said of the semi-rich elite class who are different mainly because they can be.  Think Queen Elizabeth II making her first trip to Ireland and failing to abjectly apologize for the atrocities England visited for centuries on the Irish people and the IMF’s Dominique Straus-Kahn visiting New York and raping a chambermaid, allegedly.  

The Redgraves, Britain’s answer to America’s Barrymores, are a case in point, an acting dynasty who make and live by their own rules.  If Brit author Tim Adler can be believed, the whole family are a sick, perverted, not to mention a hypocritical leftist bunch, although “hypocritical” would be a redundancy when referring to leftists and especially rich, elite leftists.

Product Details   Adler’s latest book, House of Redgrave: The Secret Lives of a Theatrical Dynasty, recounts the activities of the family which activities included such startling revelations as Vanessa finding her husband, Tony Richardson, unashamedly in bed with her father and her and her younger brother, the recently-deceased Corin’s, prominence in the Workers Revolutionary Party, a Communist-Trotskyite movement in the UK. 

See the 8 1/2 video of Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd dissecting Adler’s expose’ here: http://bit.ly/lUYm0N  As Simon concludes the review, “Read the book, then take a shower.” 

According to another source, the party’s leader, Gerry Healy, was expelled from the WRP in 1985 along with his followers were expelled by their international Communist overlords “as a result of allegations of sexual abuse, even rape, of women in the party, physical assault on other members, and the establishment of a ‘mercenary relationship’ with a number of Arab despotisms.” (http://bit.ly/aa6gUs) 

I cite that source only to add credibility to Adler’s charges of corruption on the part of the Redgraves who fully supported Healy, who proudly admitted to having “red sex slaves.”  It also demonstrates that even Communists have some sense of morality, a virtue Vanessa, Corin, and the rest of the Redgrave dynasty did not. 

For additional detail on the sleazy Redgraves, see Ron Radosh’s views which primarily focus on the clan’s hypocrisy and legendary, virulent anti-Semitism, http://bit.ly/cGCfVZ, but don’t forget that shower!