MTV's Abortion Special Raises   A recent Gallup poll shows that, contrary to leftists’ contentions that Americans are pro-abortion and lily-livered Republicans who are fearful of taking a stand on the issue, fully 61% of adults oppose abortions and believe it should be illegal in most circumstances. 

The poll further shows that the anti-abortion sentiment covers the spectrum, includes some “pro-choicers.”  Only 27% told Gallup they thought abortion should be legal under any and all situations.  See the full poll analysis of 1,018 adult Americans at

The Gallup results should and would have come as a major shocker to the pro-abortion liberal establishment who revere the rite and right of killing babies as a virtual sacrament, “would have” simply because they will ignore it as either right wing, pro-life propanganda or as irrelevant. 

Pre-born babies have been an endangered species ever since the Supreme Court decided in Roe v. Wade in 1973 that a woman or young girl has a constitutionally-protected “right to privacy,” based on non-existent constitutional language, and therefore enjoyed the right to terminate the existence of her baby in utero and thereby deny those babies’, male or female, any rights. 

The rest has been sad history–55 million abortions–far more casualties to a misguided principle than America has sustained in all the wars in our history by far.  

The Gallup findings are perhaps due to that realization and recent advancements in neo-natal technology which clearly and graphically prove that women haven’t been excising mere blobs of tissue from their bodies but rather living, sensate human beings.

Shortly after Gallup released its poll, and following two NYC incidents of two young mothers abandoning their newborns, New York officials have proposed changes in the state’s high school health curriculum. 

One of those new mothers, Laquasia Wright, 18, had abandoned her baby by dumping it down a garbage chute; he miraculously survived.  The other, Dawa Lama, 23, disposed of her child in a hospital trash bin; he didn’t make it.  Both women have been arrested.

The state officials, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, State Sen. Eric Adams, and State Assemblyman Hakim Jeffries, came up with a solution. 

Students are already very well educated on sex and its consequences, for what that has been worth.  For the most part, sex-ed courses have furnished “How To” instruction and encouraged kids “to do it” and get away with “doing it.” 

Hynes, et al. could have proposed educating kids on the essential humanity of the pre-born, the fundamental dangers of premature sexual activity, and, God forbid, the immorality of carrying on like indiscreet alley cats.  Instead, they want schools to instruct students on so-called “safe haven laws” which now “allow a parent to leave a newborn anonymously without prosecution as long as the newborn is abandoned in a safe way.”  (

If implemented, that proposal might prevent a few baby dumpings and trashings but would do little if anything in accomplishing a cure to the problem of a lack of respect for life.

That disrespect is evidently not confined to the United States, however.  Formerly Great Britain, as well as most of Europe, is in the vanguard of disrespect for human life, abortion rights, etc. 

baby slings   One Brit woman, who at 29 can’t readily claim the defense of immature ignorance, took that disrespect to a whole new level by conceiving and then trying to sell her 11 month old daughter to the highest bidder.  Testimony to the high value she placed in her baby, her asking price was £35,000 or about $47,000. 

She and her “broker” were scammed by reporters, caught, found guilty, and convicted at an Inner London crown court of conspiracy to commit child cruelty and holding another person in slavery. 

As a prosecutor pompously declared,”No one, not even a parent, is allowed to own another person. You may think that there is no better example of treating someone as if you own them than by deciding, or seeking or agreeing to sell them.  And by doing this in relation to this child, these defendants held her in slavery.” ( 

As in America, we protect snail darters, baby whales, and polar bears and you are free to murder your babies but don’t dare think you can sell them!