In an ideal world, all people would have sufficient food to eat, a good roof over their heads, and a decent life. 

illustrating The Four Freedoms   They would enjoy freedom from want and from fear, freedom of speech and expression,  freedom to worship or not worship as they pleased, essentially FDR’s “Four Freedoms” as delineated in January, 1941 toward the end of the Great Depresssion and eleven months before Pearl Harbor, both of which changed everything. 

Today, 70 years later, those freedoms are largely commonplace, taken for granted in America and largely elusive in much of the world for various reasons, yet Americans, to their credit for the most part, still strive for more, for perfection.  At the same time, some Americans and international institutions of which we are a part are attempting to reverse our good fortune achieved through hard work, diligence, and dedication.   

In a perfect American world, we would enjoy all the benefits of the Four Freedoms, with enhancements:  All politicians would be honest and trustworthy, we would have a standing rib roast in every oven instead of just a chicken in every pot, we would have a new Lexus or two in every garage in lieu of a 2004 Taurus and an even more ancient Civic, we would win the Lotto at least once in our lives, and we would eat all the cheeseburgers we wish and never get fat. 

In President Barack Hussein Obama’s ultra-civil, post-racial brave new world, Lady O. has proclaimed Bill Clinton’s fav food of old, cheeseburgers, definitely out and the chances of those other items on Americans’ wish list being fulfilled are as likely as, well, an ultra-civil, post-racial brave new world.  Our president’s favorite international institution, the United Nations, is well on its merry way of insuring those non-eventualities.

With undoubted enthusiastic support from Black America’s Man on the Scene, Michigan’s Democrat House representative for life, Rep. John Conyers, who has virtually dedicated his life to the cause of black reparations, the U.N. is in process of declaring open season on the world’s white inhabitants who just happen to be a minority in the hallowed halls on New York City’s East River.

   Undeterred by his wife Monica’s bribery conviction two years ago or his own ethics charges, Conyers is waiting in the wings to again visit his raison d’être on white Americans for their vile crime of imposing slavery on “his” people.  Never mind that any slavemaster is long dead as are any former slaves and that America fought a bloody, four-year war to free “his” people, Conyers still wants reparations. 

generation of wealth.   The whole idea, which Conyers has advocated for more than 40 years and which he hopes can be accomplished “without allowing the issue to polarize our party or our nation,” fits in neatly with President Obama’s stated dream of “sharing the wealth.”  Why would either Conyers or Obama even imagine that picking the pockets of white Americans to line the pockets of black Americans cause any polarization? 

(See “Slavery Reparations,”

The United Nations may very well have provided the catalyst for Conyers to reinstitute his dormant anti-caucasian campaign, waged only against whites even though many northern blacks also owned slaves, “his” people, before the Civil War, with its plans for a ”First World Summit of African Descendants.” 

The august, August event in Hondurus aims, in conjunction with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), to “right historical wrongs.”  Toward that admirable end, those groups will focus on the socioeconomic conditions of Afro-descendant populations and will establish a plan to “ensure development with equity for these groups.” 

A United Nations   Its all part of the United Nations’ “International Year of African Descendants,” in case anyone is wondering. 

PAHO elaborated, “This International Year of African Descendants provides an opportunity to right historical wrongs: in health, education, poverty, land rights, jobs, and financial credit for economic and social progress.  This celebration [?] is important for recognizing the strength and resilience of Afro-descendant communities throughout the Americas, who have thrived despite historical discrimination and repression.”  (

Cynics might conjecture, If they are so strong, resilient, and thriving, why the need for a world summit on a people so strong, resilient, and thriving.  

The key, the kicker, in the International Year of African Descendants conference resides in its references to “social justice,” a buzzword for a demand for more help, for more money, for greater sacrifice from those capitalist jackals who have caused all the horrors of ethnic cleansing, mass murders, social chaos, and economic stagnation in the “developing world” which hasn’t a clue on how to develop despite the strength, resilience, etc. of African descendants who have fared much better than their African cousins.   

It is in fact a call for the jackals to finally pay up even though Western nations have already sent billions of dollars, pounds, and euros down those “developing” ratholes–to make amends for age-old evils.  As repugnant as it was, slavery saved millions of African-Americans from growing up, starving, and in some instances, being eaten by their tribal enemies. 

Some rational perspective is needed here. 

The U.N. and its misbegotten cronies, including Rep. John Conyers, would be far better off inculcating American capitalistic values of industriousness, thrift, and hard work rather than staging phony summits for the benefit of other misbegottens. 

If reparations are on the table, am I entitled as an Irish-American to compensation from British savages who starved, slaughtered, and decimated my Irish forebears?  If I am, I’ll pass.  I prefer to make my own way.