Would you buy a used car from Anthony David Weiner, no mind elect him to Congress seven times as voters in New York’s 9th cd have done? 

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When they find a winner Weiner, or when they don’t, Democrats like to elect and re-elect and re-elect them until they get caught in a scandal, a better Weiner turns up, or they die.  Come to think of it, scandals don’t usually matter.  Think Reps. Charles Rangel and John Conyers. 

Republicans tend to dump scandalous GOPers or send them into retreat mode.  Think South Carolina’s randy Governor Mark Sandford or shirtless New York Congressman Chris Lee.

The scandal-resistance of Dem voters is advantageous to the impervious Rep. Weiner, especially so because his latest is a mini-controversy arising from an unproven assertion, but more about that later. 

A tireless runner for political office, graduate of the New York’s state university system Weiner first served as an aide to then-Rep. Charles Schumer, then as a member of the New York City Council, and as Schumer’s replacement in Congress.

Apparently unfulfilled or unhappy in that role, he took a stab at the NYC mayor’s office in 2005, failed in that attempt, then launched an impossible quest to depose the Big Apple’s mayor for life, Michael Bloomberg, four years later but withdrew under pressure.

Weiner returned to Washington and was re-elected in ’06, ’08, ’10 and will be sent back in ’12, ’14, no doubt, in Democrat Party tradition, in perpetuity. 

Relieved of the stress of mayoral politics, at the fairly ripe old age of 46, he married for the first time last July.  The lucky lady was 36 year old Huma Abedin, former “body woman” in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency and currently on the State Department staff.  Hillary’s hubby, Bill, officiated.  

However, back to Weiner’s unsubstantiated mini-controversy. 

No stranger to scandals, mere bagatelles in the greater political scheme of things, Weiner was accused of Federal Election Commission violations involving campaign financial misconduct, similar but different from former Democrat Senator John Edwards’ shenanigans.  The FEC slapped the congressman’s wrist, as did D.C. police after he ultimately paid up $2,180 in traffic tickets without mentioning his frequent complaints about U.N. diplomats defying parking restrictions in New York. 

The latest scandal, as mini as it is, is no trifle like financial lies or being a scofflaw. 

Rep. Weiner is a Twitterer, as are millions of others in and out of politics.  Twitter.com is a great outlet for people to inform other people, who may or may not give a flying fig, on invaluable details relating to what the Tweeter is thinking, planning, eating, drinking, and otherwise doing, what in an earlier age would border on invited voyeurism. 

Last week, a photo appeared on Congressman Weiner’s yfrog account and in his verified Twitter timeline of an unidentified man in his underwear sporting what can only be described as rolled-up sock stuffed into his jockeys or unmistable evidence of male arousal, aka an erection.

That picture as well as every other photo were deleted from Weiner’s accounts but not before the stuffed sock/erection entered the public domain and speculation arose as to whether the owner of the stuffed sock/erection did in fact feature the eminent congressman, whether it was intentionally transmitted to a Seattle Twitter buddy, (a woman), or whether Weiner’s account had been hacked by some Republican reprobate seeking to discredit him. (http://bit.ly/mtamVc)  

Personally, I’m opting for the hacking idea, although not a Republican hacking, and for various reasons.  I also don’t buy into the scuttlebutt that Weiner doesn’t want an investigation of the apparent hacking and I don’t subscribe to the even more repugnant allegation that a United States congressman, albeit a Democrat, send a package photo to any number of teenage girls. 

First of all, Rep. Anthony Weiner is far too ambitious to take such risks; presidential aspirants know better.  Secondly, he couldn’t possibly fill out those jockeys as seen in the picture unless, of course, it is indeed a rolled-up sock.  And, third, as far as transmitting that photo to teen girls, that would have to assume they can’t Google a pic of the congressman. 

My guess is that the whole thing is a scam perpetrated by an old boyfriend.