From a child’s perspective, seventeen months is a virtual eternity.  From an American political perspective, it’s virtually around the corner.  November 6th, 2012, when Americans will once again choose who will lead them for four long years, is little more than seventeen months down the road. 

America’s choice of a leader has, literally, never been more momentous.  

The economy wallows in the doldrums amost a year after Vice President Joe Biden  proclaimed 2010′s “Summer of Recovery,” a recovery yet to be experienced by the 14 million jobless.  Obama’s “stimulus” has chiefly stimulated government employment, a skyrocketing deficit and national debt, and impending stagflation.  Americans have either lost their homes or trillions in home equity.  Socialized medicine is now the law.  

And, that’s only on the domestic front. 

Internationally, we have lost even more, in respect from our allies, increased belligerence from our enemies, and more and more of our brave troops dying in war zones.  Months ago, we took up arms under the guise of a NATO operation in the Libyan hellhole in a “kinetic action” which we were promised would involve weeks.  The much-reviled terrorist prison at Guantanomo is still open.

Obama - Hope   Nevertheless, whether one is an avid supporter of Barack Hussein Obama’s re-election or one who regards that prospect as nothing less than the absolute worst eventuality since September 11th, 2001, seventeen months from now President Barack Hussein Obama will again visit Chicago’s Grant Park to announce to screaming worshippers that he had been re-elected.

It doesn’t make sense but no one ever alleged American politics made sense.   

What does make sense is Obama’s successful brand of Chicago take-no-prisoners, brook-no-opposition, tell-’em-what-they-wanna-hear-then-do-whatever-you-damned-well-please technique.  Couple that philosophy with endless campaigning which has now gone on for at least four years, with creation of an unprecedented national dependency and other policies designed to cement a plurality, with certain constituencies and demographic elements, Obama is a sure winner. 

Compounding the challenge for Republicans next year is the fact that no viable candidate has yet emerged although that’s all but incidental in view of the Obama Machine already in full battle mode and dedicated to his re-election at all costs.  In fact, too, regardless of all the other elements–although they are all interrelated–it’s those “certain constituencies and demographic elements” that will insure a Republican defeat.

For example, labor unions have usually tended to vote Democratic, with notable exceptions such as the Teamsters for Nixon and PATCO for Reagan.  Obama will never make Reagan’s mistake of enforcing the law with PATCO and thereby gain the unremmiting antipathy of labor toward the GOP for generations.  Quite the opposite, this president has catered to unions, winked at violence perpetrated by SEIU thugs, and bailed out the UAW with billions in taxpayer money. 

The BLS estimates some 14.7 million workers, 11.9% of the population, hold union membership in the United States.  Far from all will vote Obama in 2012 but the vast majority will, of their own volition or under orders.  They know where their bread is buttered and who will gladly guarantee that butter.   

Next, there is the Obama constituency which we’re not supposed to talk about since even discussion constitutes prima facie evidence of racism.  African-Americans, 13% of the national electorate, voted 96% for Obama in ’08.  There is no reason to believe they will do otherwise in ’12 especially since he is America’s first black president, somehing he confirmed in his census declarations. 

Add to that very reasonable pride in seeing someone of their own race ascending to the highest office in the land Obama favoring “sharing the wealth” during the last campaign, the explosion of food stamp recipients, the widespread hiring of blacks in his administration, and the president’s advocacy for a color-blind society, he’s a shoo-in for another 96% of the black vote next time around. 

So, too, are hispanics in the United States, both legal and illegal, big and indebted Obama fans.  Currently almost 16% and the fastest-growing segment of the population, Latinos have much for which to be thankful. 

From permitting open borders though which friends and relatives can emigrate north, to programs granting them and their friends and relatives special benefits, to crackdowns on Arizona for its efforts to inhibit illegal immigration and resulting crime waves, Obama has clearly demonstrated that he cares.  They, legals and undocumenteds, will surely re-pay that beneficence at the ballot box.

Finally, we must not forget those other significant blocs of voters who previously voted for Obama in large numbers, if for disparate reasons, and who will no doubt follow suit in the next election: 

.  Young people, on the whole, will vote for him because he represents “hope and change,” without the slightest inkling of the national despair he has wrought or the changes he has up his sleeve for them which will make them marvel at their stupidity. 

.  The affluent, on the whole, will vote for him since they already “got theirs” and don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone else. 

.  Gays will vote for him en masse because he loves them and because he’s been the greatest boon to homosexual acceptance and advancement since the American Psychiatric Association decided they weren’t sick puppies, after all.  

Collectively, all those groups encompass many millions of voters for Obama.  2012 will indeed be a momentous year for this country and, as it looks now, will witness the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama. 

May God have mercy on us if that happens.