The New York Times   Only the New York Times could run a headline, “Is Anti-White Bias a Problem?” 

Well, that’s not exactly true since the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Boston Globe, and countless other liberal-leftist “newspapers” could easily have posed the same inane question but “The Paper of Record,” until it goes defunct, is still the standard bearer which still sets the agenda and the tone of social and political discourse in America. 

Based on that headline, and granting the query ran on its “Opinion” page, either the Times has doubts on whether bias against white people in the United States is problematic or, if it exists, does it matter?  Otherwise, why even broach the topic for discussion? 

Will the “Old Grey Lady’s” next subject be, ”Wife Beating, Good or Bad?” or, “Is Gay-Bashing Ever Profitable?” 

The brief Times piece begins with, ”In what some have called the new post-racial era, what constitutes discrimination is shifting,” then cites one of many instances in which African-Americans have contested fair and equitable municipal qualification exams and have had the results of those tests overturned in courts.  One of those decisions, in turn, was overruled by the U.S. Supreme Court which determined it discriminated against white people. (

“Is Anti-White Bias a Problem” cites a research study which “found that Americans think significant progress has been made in the fight against anti-black bias. But white Americans perceived that progress as coming at their expense and that anti-white bias has become a bigger societal problem than anti-black bias.” 

Employing a 1-10 scale, the researchers discovered significant changes in what people have come to perceive about bias over the past 50 years: Black perceptions of anti-black bias declined from 9.7 in the fifties to 6.1 today while black views of bias against whites rose a minuscule 1.4 to 1.8.  That latter number clearly shows the national, racial divide: White perceptions of anti-white bias soared from 1.8 to 4.7 in the same time period. 

In fact, based on that study and obvious societal changes over the last half century in America, it’s difficult to believe blacks and whites are living in the same country.  Whether the disparity in perceptions is attributable to the companion cultures of white guilt/black oppression cultivated by black activists or to plain confusion is impossible to say. 

However, black Professor of Law at Columbia University, (Barack Obama’s undergrad alma mater), Patricia J. Williams has no hesitancy in speaking her mind on the issue of alleged bias against whites.  As she writes, “Data show that white Americans remain the most privileged human beings on the planet.” 

Williams doesn’t provide any of that data although she does challenge “the notion of American exceptionalism,” meaning we should get off our high, white horses.  She also suggests that whites simply don’t like anyone who isn’t white.  She believes, “blacks remain among the poorest, most segregated and most unemployed of all Americans,” all of which is true though misleading since she doesn’t factor in the root causes of black poverty which go far beyond anyone not liking them. 

the New Black Panthers,   She should watch “America’s Most Wanted,” read up on the New Black Panther Party, and consult the papers more, particularly the crime sections. 

See Prof. Williams’ racist, anti-American diatribe here:

Perhaps the New York Times was correct in raising the question, “Is Anti-White Bias a Problem?”  It’s actually no more a problem than that faced by a drunk who denies he has a drinking problem and says, “I drink, get drunk, fall down, get up.  No problem.” 

The chief difference is that America doesn’t suffer from a white drinking issue.  Instead, we discuss, compromise, concede, get taxed to the hilt to help others, get kicked in the face, fall down, get up, and ask for more.  No problem.