When is a riot not a riot?  When it’s “borderline,” of course.  When does civil unrest have a racial component?  Hardly ever since that component is rarely reported, of course.   

It’s not even summer but things are rapidly heating up in more ways than one, a year before former Clinton adviser, James “The Snake” Carville, has predicted “imminently possible” civil unrest.  Feel free to translate that dire prediction as riots in the streets. 

Dear James Carville:   Appearing on ”Imus in the Morning,” Carville predicated his remarks on the continuing high unemployment rate and the piddling job growth and despite President Barack Hussein Obama’s efforts to paint the dismal job figures as little more than a bump on the road to recovery.  The president didn’t mention VP Joe Biden’s astute description last spring–that would be 2010–that America was set to experience “Recovery Summer.”  So much for Biden and recovery.  

Certain segments of society are way ahead of Carville insofar as “civil unrest” is concerned but don’t dare call them rioters.  

In Bessemer, Alabama, police were forced to temporarily shutter the Alabama Adventure theme park after chaos broke out with numerous fights throughout the park. 

One park patron ”described it as a ‘borderline riot.’  He witnessed at least eight different fights, including chair throwing in the water park, and at least three people taken out of the park on gurneys, . . . ’Every time we turned around, there was a fight.’ “  

Craig Randolph, vice president and general manager for Alabama Adventure, saw it all differently saying, “We did have a few kids get out hand.  We had some scuffles here and there,” and couldn’t speculate on whether anyone was injured or arrested.  (http://bit.ly/jivjIu)   

Presumably, the ambulances and gurneys were purely precautionary and certainly not indications of injuries sustained during a “borderline riot.”  

Were Bessemer the only riot locale, James Carville could be correct, that civil unrest, a euphemism for widespread, uncontrolled violence, isn’t due until next year. 

In fact, though not nearly on the scale of the 6-day Watts upheaval in 1965 or the deadly mayhem that followed the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Rodney King chaos or the numerous other incidents of unrest in America’s history, smaller scale riots have been occurring with disturbing frequency of late. 

They’re all the more disturbing in view of official malfeasance by indifference and distortion and because most of the current violence is being committed by black teens two plus years into President Obama’s proclaimed “post-racial America.” 

(Barack Obama Reminds Us Why We   Obama also said in Dreams from My Father, pp. 99-100, that he disapproved of what he called, “half-breeds” who gravitated toward whites but that may be a whole other story.)  

For example, what are being termed “random attacks” by black Chicago street gangs are becoming less and less random. 

Much like Craig Randolph at Alabama Adventure, politicians in Barack Obama’s adopted hometown where he learned all there is to know about community organizing and how to apply the nuances of Windy City politics on a national level, are playing down the violent outbreaks of last weekend. 

Apparently since no one has yet been murdered during the commission of those random attacks, more specifically, mobs of teens converting downtown Chicago and the lakefront area into scenes of aggravated ssaults, armed robberies, and muggings, no one is too worried about them.   

As the Chicago Tribune reported, “Police sources said they have been aware of large groups of teens causing trouble along North Michigan Avenue for at least the last year.  One source said the fear is the attacks could become more frequent as the weather gets warmer.” 

As we all know, temperature is a direct causative factor of violence, especially among teens. 

True to their professions, Chicago pols may not be worried but are very concerned, not as much with causative factors or deterrence but rather with Chicago’s reputation as a convention center.  See the story and pictures of the accused teens  Teen mobs suspected in downtown assaults  here: http://trib.in/mbbB0Z   

Rahm Emanuel: “city government   By Tuesday, Chicago’s newly-elected Mayor Rahm “Fishhead” Emanuel, no stranger to thuggishness himself, was on the case.  Mayor Emanuel vowed that “the full force of the law enforcement community and justice system will deal with it.” 

Still in question is the meaning of “it” and whether the violence is as random as suggested. 

Although twenty arrests were made, Chicago’s CBS 2 is reporting that “the problem of mob attacks downtown is much bigger than the weekend beatings, according to beat cops who wanted to remain anonymous” and that “some victims refused to file police reports, even though they been pushed around by mobs, knocked off bikes or even had their possessions stolen. They just don’t want to get involved with the criminal justice system.”  (http://cbsloc.al/jyyo4W)  

When he refers to “civil unrest,” James Carville has much more in mind for 2012 than mini-riots such as those seen in Alabama and Chicago.  Maybe what we’re witnessing across America in 2011 is just a warm-up.  Indeed, other prognosticators have predicted food riots and revolution next year. 

Maybe we should be happy with little scuffles and random thuggery for now.