Huma Abedin AKA Hillary's   It’s very much a rarity when a Jew takes a Muslim to wife.  When the Jew is a well-connected congressman, Anthony David Weiner, and the Muslim is a well-connected Hillary-staffer, Huma Mahmood Abedin (هما محمود عابدين in Urdu), it’s an even greater rarity.  When the Jew is self-exposed as a pervert less than a year after their nuptials while the Muslim is traveling the world, well, things could get sticky. 

As new Weinergate reports keep pouring in, Huma returned home to D.C.  The question now is whether she will stand by her man as her boss stood by Bubba in the face of sexual scandals before and during Clinton’s presidency or dump the disgraced congressman as his fellow Democrats are in process of doing. 

It’s a tough call for the pregnant Mrs. Weiner.  The latest revelations about Mr. Weiner won’t make that call any easier. 

It seems the Master Tweeter has been one busy, little congressman sending texts and sexts and photos to all sorts of women and girls, including a former porn star.  Ginger Lee alleged in a news conference that she and the Weinerman exchanged some hundred emails over the course of three months mostly discussing politics in which he often went off topic.  

Represented by none other than the peripatetic leech and sleaze merchant Gloria Allred–which proves that poor Anthony is really in trouble now–Ms. Lee’s attorney read an emailed line from the proud Weiner: “I have wardrobe demands too.  I need to highlight my package.”  One assumes he wasn’t referring to a Fed-Ex delivery. 

The context of the communication was not revealed but Ms. Lee insists she never reciprocated any sexual talk with Weiner.  Porn stars have a greater sense of decorum and integrity to do such a thing.  She also contends the congressman sent her an email after his famous crotch shot became public asking her to lie about their on-line relationship.

No dummy she, Ms. Lee must have smelled a rat, or a rotten wiener, at that point and went into hiding.  ( 

And, who could blame her?  Certainly not Huma Mahmood Abedin Weiner who has a great deal on her plate at this juncture. 

The 35 year old Huma has had a remarkable career to date, all but rivalling that of her loving, loud-mouth spouse.  

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan to Muslim educators, she lived for a while with her family in Saudi Arabia, returned to the United States to attend George Washington University, and landed a job as a Clinton White House intern where she met and served under Hillary Clinton. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Read about Huma Abedin here.   Ms. Abedin moved on to work for Hillary’s failed campaign for the presidency as a “body woman,” (personal assistant and chief bottle washer), and ultimately to her current untitled position at Hillary’s State Department in which she travels a lot with the Secretary of State.  She was recognized as an up and coming political star by Time magazine in 2010, the same year Bill Clinton officiated at the Abadin-Weiner wedding on July 10th.

Abedin-Weiner’s boss is said to consider her a second daughter. 

All her travel apparently afforded her semi-abandoned husband tons of mischief time since he doesn’t appear to have much else to do as the representative from New York’s 9th congressional district.

Speculation is rife that Rep. Weiner may finally succumb to reality and quit now that Huma’s home.  What her presence on American soil has to do with his decision is bewildering but speculators are speculating.  Little is being said of whether she will pull a Hillary and support him or kick him where it hurts, in his proud package. 

Maybe seeing pictures of him cross-dressing and in panty hose as a collegian will help her make up her mind. (  After all, nuts don’t generally fall far from nut trees.  Huma may even wonder, What would Allah do?