Miscellaneous observations on people and events in the news:

Huma Weiner: The perverted Democrat-liberal bombastic blowhard Anthony “Wienerman” Weiner may be gone–until CNN offers him a gig and he hooks up with fellow perverted Democrat-liberal bombastic blowhard Eliot “Client Number Nine” Spitzer–but the woman who failed to stand by her man in his televised hour of shame is stll with us.

   Actually, the former Ms. Huma Mahmood Abedin isn’t with us as much as she is with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, serving as trusted Deputy Chief of Staff and Aide to the former FLOTUS and frustrated president-wannabe.  In that role and in her earlier position as Clinton White House intern, and subsequently as “body woman” in Hillary’s aborted 2008 campaign, she has been something of a mysterious figure even as she has grown to be what her boss describes as her “second daughter.” 

Turn over almost any rock and some of the most ungodly creatures tend to crawl out.  Huma’s rock, her Anthony, was turned over in more ways than one and now details as to whom and what she is have been seeping out.

To be sure, Barack Hussein Obama’s MSM wouldn’t publicize it but IOwntheWorld.com is providing documented information on the Kalamazoo-born Muslim Huma who lived in Saudi Arabia for much of her life, her role as a Saudi mole, and her family ties to Islamic terrorists.  (http://bit.ly/moN1tT) 

It all goes a long way in explaining Obama’s kowtowing to Arab interests and obsequiously bowing to the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah, and in understanding Huma. 

Kenneth Vogel: There is evidently no love lost between prolific conservative writer and political commentator Mark R. Levin and Ken Vogel who, according to his biography on his employer’s website, ”tracks the confluence of money, politics and influence for POLITICO.” 

of Politico   In a scathing article on HumanEvents.com, “The Sleaziness of Politico’s Ken Vogel,” Levin loosed both barrels on Vogel and Politico.

Regarding Vogel, Levin exposed him as  being a virtual “stalker” of conservative women such as Sarah Palin and Ginni Thomas, of “regurgitating” the lies of Anthony Weiner, and of baseless and ignorant attacks on (conservative) radio. 

Levin concludes his evaluation of Vogel by writing, “Kenneth Vogel’s unprofessionalism and ideologically-driven writing would be better practiced on an avowedly left-wing site.  That would demonstrate some integrity.  Instead, he and his employer continue their ruse,” of objectivity. 

Most of Levin’s accurate invective concerns that employer’s consistently leftist-slanted reporting cloaked in that phony mantle of an open-minded “news operation” which feigns objectivity and he contrasts what Politico.com reports with its arch-foe, conservative news reporting. 

As he points out, ”Now, unlike Politico, conservative talk radio and conservative groups that advertise on talk radio programs (as well as other talk radio advertisers) are honest about their activities.  Unlike Politico, there are no pretenses, no phony positioning, etc.  Conservative talk hosts do not hide their opinions or pretend that they are journalists, which is the lie perpetuated by many so-called news outlets, like Politico.”  (http://bit.ly/j9xOT2)

Anyone who has ever listened for more than a few minutes to Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, et al. would concur.  It’s too bad Vogel and Company obviously fail to do that and instead ignorantly, and sleazily, spout off.

Crime Racists: A final tidbit is in order not because it is a tidbity point but due to its significance for the future of the nation and our survival as a nation governed by law and not by special interests motivated by racism and political correctness. 

Racism   Jack Dunphy wrote a piece supporting the very un-PC idea that that if you “take a hard line on crime, you are no better than the reprobates from America’s past who argued for slavery.”  Naysaysers thereby compared law enforcement to racism. 

Dunphy admits to concern over a California court’s decision to release 46,000 convicted felons onto the streets of California and every other state’s streets but Michelle Alexander and Ruth Gilmore detected sinister motives in his reasonable desire “to see felons do their time.”  As Alexander and Gilmore wrote in the Sacramento Bee, “Any student of anti-racist civil rights struggles–against slavery, Chinese exclusion, Jim Crow, race-based immigration controls–finds in the historical record similar reactions to decisions perceived to benefit poor people of color.  The prognosis is always perpetual disorder.” (http://bit.ly/mESGYH) 

If Alexander and Gilmore want to see “perpetual disorder,” I hope they invite each and every one of those 46,000 freed felons into their homes.  I don’t hope Huma Abedin Weiner is around to reap the fruits of her terrorist connections or that Ken Vogel wins a Pulitzer for his misrepresentations.  However, given the state of the American state, anything is possible.