A variety of miscellaneous observations and commentary from around the Web, beginning with the biggest joke Democrats have pulled on the American people since Jimmy Carter, Anthony Wiener Weiner:

That's Anthony Weiner….as in   The Chronicle of Anthony Weiner as Told in a Limerick, Posted by Dave Blount on Moonbattery.com, http://bit.ly/itc4XO:  

“There once was a pervert named Weiner,/ Who had the weirdest demeanor./ He was thrown from the Hill,/ For behaving like Bill./ Now Congress is one Weiner leaner.” 

(Hey!  It’s a limerick!  I never said it was great poetry.) 

Speaking of Bill Clinton, his bride weighed in on a subject near and dear to Bubba’s heart, sex–near and dear, that is, prior to his quadruple bypass.  

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Huma Abedin-Weiner’s boss, announced a diplomatic breakthrough, not with Iran’s resident fruitcake, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, nor with the object of Obama’s assassination attempts, aka the Libyan “kinetic action,” Muammar Qaddafi.  The former FLOTUS broke through with “sex workers” in foreign lands.  

Hillary Clinton's   CNSNews.com reported that Sec. Clinton said that on Monday that “meeting with ‘sex workers’ in the cause of protecting LGBT rights is an example of ‘people-to-people diplomacy at its best.’ ”  She applauded “all of our diplomats and our development experts who continue to reach out to those advocating around the world in Uganda, Malawi, Russia, Turkey, China, and so many other places.” (http://bit.ly/lMlKzg) 

Presumably, those Ugandans, et al. were “advocating” for the rights of homosexual ”sex workers,” (prostitutes), to peddle their wares unimpeded by discriminatory laws and national biases. 

It’s good to know that the person charged with executing the foreign policy of the United States of America was so unimpeded by a chaotic world in flames that she could find time to extend support to all the gay hookers throughout the world.  

Offering less solace was the recent report that the Obama administration has instituted plans to establish ties with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, another initiative announced by Sec. Clinton, a busy, busy lady.  The Obamians want to insure, as they do with Libya, that Mubarak’s Muslim replacement is more anti-American and radical than Mubarak.  

Reputedly affiliated with both Hamas, the fun-loving Palestinian “Islamic Resistance Movement” that gets off on rocket attacks against Israel and employing children as human shields and as soldiers and Hezbollah, the jihadist “Party of God,” which favors suicide bombings and kidnapping to achieve its ends, the Muslim Brotherhood would be a dubious ally in the nonexistent War on Islamic Terrorism. 

See “Fun and the Muslim Brotherhood,” (http://bit.ly/kAzEXt) 

   An undeniable ally, not of the United States but of Barack Hussein Obama in a war the president insists doesn’t exist, is the man who has said that the U.S. “is the main obstacle to a stable and just world,” that American troops are “perpetrators” and “oppressors,” and that Israel is the true “stumbling block” to Mid East peace,  György Schwartz, George Soros. 

Schwartz/Soros, the epitome of the self-hating Jew who hates the Jewish homeland, Israel, as well, has reportedly been using his patented subterfuges and machinations to insure the success of the Muslim Brotherhood since even before Mubarak was deposed. 

Utilizing various front groups and his money, the devious Schwartz/Soros, who endorses a one-world government and who worked with Obama’s 2008 campaign until he was exposed as a Hamas-supporter, is working tirelessly to champion the Brotherhood and its agenda of destroying the “Great Satan” and the “Little Satan,” the United States and Israel. (http://bit.ly/iI8LBS) 

On the occasion of America’s 235th birthday, the activities of our State Department on behalf of sex workers instead of focusing on the many serious threats our country faces and the activities of György Schwartz, George Soros, on behalf of those threats are ominous warnings of our future.  Thank God for the much-needed levity provided by Anthony Weiner!