When all the Independence Day parades are over, after the hoopla and ballyhoo, the celebrations, the fireworks, the overeating and overimbibing are done with for another year, Americans have to face the reality that the United States is still in dire straits.  

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan’s famous question, Are we better off today than we were 30 months ago?  Only the insane and the masochistic would answer Yes. 

After 2 1/2 years of Obama, the economy is still mired in the doldrums, his stimulus has cost $278,000 per job created, official unemployment is stuck above 9%, our health care system is in being socialized, post-racialism is teetering on the edge of race warfare, illegal aliens continue to pour over our border, the nation is in decline as an international power, wars and rumors of wars abound, the Islamic threat is unabated, gasoline and heating oil prices have skyrocketed, the president has declared class warfare, and we’re on the verge of economic default.  

Meanwhile, our leader parties and plays golf.   

Sean Hannity Spreads Dangerous   Obama critics such as Sean Hannity naïvely say it’s incomprehensible that a president of the United States could have planned or desired the current mess we’re in.  I beg to differ. 

September 11th, 2001 was also incomprehensible.  

It’s long past the time when the president can blame Bush, a calculated tactic the Obama team utilized with great success his first year or so and to which he still resorts whenever his mellifluous words or his trusty teleprompters fail him, a ploy he will no doubt regularly dredge up during his never-ending campaign for re-election. 

Virtually everything Obama does, every move he makes, every comment he utters, is scripted.  It’s only when he departs the reservation by speaking off the cuff absent script and teleprompters or when he is caught straying that his actions and extemporaneous  remarks get him into trouble, minimal trouble. 

To clarify, those actions and statements rarely if ever cause Obama any real problems since his accomplices, his minions in the mainstream media, have his back. 

In a rare excursion into honesty, Michelle O. acknowledged a few weeks ago how very helpful his MSM has been to Barack O.  When they’re not writing fervent paeans to his greatness, his media boys and gals have skillfully and repeatedly covered for him when he extends his foot deep into his mouth. 

They were unable to conceal such nationally-televised presidential bloopers as his massive insensitivity in ridiculing Special Olympics kids on Leno and his slip of the lip in saying he was a Muslim to George Stephanapoulis but compensated well by subsequently burying his riotous joke and slip.  They also performed yeoman’s service by hiding his claim of visiting 57 states, his repeated references to Navy “corpsemen,” his confessed inability to speak “Austrian,” and other inanities for as long as they were able.

What reinforces the view that Barack Hussein Obama–more precisely, his handlers and puppeteers–are preparing for the dismantling of America as we know it is the fact the Obamaians haven’t changed an iota from their original schemes. 

Obama - Hope  He and they preached an amorphous, undefined hope and change in 2008.  Any hope rapidly dissipated and they’re in process of achieving more and radical change than envisioned by most of the 66,882,330 suckers and nitwits who voted Obama.

Exceptions include African-Americans and homosexuals who must be delighted.  This president has taken excellent care of those latter groups. 

Gays were rewarded for their support with the repeal of the military’s DADT policy and the promised repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.   Black unemployment may be approaching record levels but an African-American runs our DoJ where AG Eric Holder metes out his own brand of racist, bigoted ‘justice,” reason enough to again support Obama.  

The preponderance of other Americans, the mass of Americans, must wonder what the hell is going on in our country.  Should they join the ranks of Nixon’s old “Silent Majority” and fail to speak up, rise up, and vote, Barack Hussein Obama will be re-elected next November. 

In that eventuality, may God have mercy on us all, again excepting African-Americans and homosexuals.  They won’t need God’s mercy.  They already have Obama’s. 

Election Day 2012   Following Election Day 2008, a Democrat friend who is required by his union to vote Dem whether he wants to or not bitterly blamed Republicans for Obama’s win by nominating John McCain.  There’s a great deal of validity in that analysis and if Republicans commit a similar error next year Barack Obama will surely succeed in his ultimate aim, destroying the America we once knew.