Ann Coulter acerbically endorsed the nomination of Casey Anthony as “Mother of the Year” and an unfortunate illustration of her view that single motherhood is “the leading cause of all social pathologies.”  The bizarre Bill Maher bizarrely equated the Florida verdict with “Republican thinking.” 

Coulter has a valid point.  So, too, does Maher–between his skinny shoulders.  

Keeping in mind that murderous mother Casey Anthony’s exoneration and imminent release do not constitute her jury’s or society’s conclusion she is innocent, there are some dulled silver linings.  She was found, “Not guilty,” not “innocent,” based on the evidence submitted and it’s not all over for Ms. Anthony.    

Press release on Casey Anthony   Let’s just face up, buck up, and face the reality that Ms. Anthony was acquitted of any serious charges by a jury of her peers in the death of two year old Caylee Anthony.  In the steely, technical eyes of the law, she may be as innocent as a babe in the woods, much like the woods in which Caylee’s decomposed body was finally found, but most rational people know better. 

In view of her acquittal, characterizing her as “murderous” is a tad unfair, although only a tad.  Some jurors have now come forward and suggested she is being freed only because the prosecutors failed to prove either that a murder was committed or that Casey Anthony was guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the perfidious act of murdering her baby daughter. 

I still say she’s murderous and that setting her loose is, if not the right and best recourse in the interests of long-term justice and societal retribution–the ultimate purposes of most criminal trials–and Anthony’s release serves larger purposes. 

Predicated on personal observation, I’d guesstimate that ninety percent of those who followed Anthony’s trial believe she is as guilty as atrocious sin.  Then, again, most people were absolutely convinced that OJ Simpson murdered Nicole Simpson yet he walked, temporarily.  Jury nullification explained that skewed decision, prosecutorial ineptitude–not the complicity of Orlando jurors–explains Anthony’s.        

True, it would also have been just had she been convicted of first degree murder, or, at the minimum, convicted on charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child or aggravated child abuse in the matter of the State of Florida against Casey Marie Anthony.  Regrettably, those convictions and a finding that she be executed were not to be. 

Nevertheless, there are societal compensations in the verdict. 

Casey Marie Anthony is to be pitied as much as legally condemned.  

Very intelligently, she refused to take the stand in her own defense.  She would have been sliced, diced, and shredded by the prosecution team for her sworn lies, her partying and wet T-shirt contest following her baby’s mysterious disappearance, her failure to inform anyone of that mystery, and multitudinous false statements. 

However, it’s a perverted form of poetic justice that Casey will soon be set free. 

Rumors abound that she plans to get on with her life, write a book, somehow cash in on Caylee’s death, and she would love to have another child.  Except for the last, I hope she has her wishes fulfilled, makes a million bucks–and has it all confiscated by Florida authorities and is reduced to penury for the trouble she caused by her lies. 

With nothing to lose, Anthony wasted no time in transforming her carefully-scripted court personna of serious, unsmiling defendant to vampish, skankish free woman by shucking her demure, slicked-back hair-do the day after the verdict was read and adopting a more realistic pose, carefree, chatting, and laughing with one side of her long, dark hair casually draped over her left breast in what one body language expert termed a sexual statement.  

Judge denies Casey Anthony   If she were trying to emulate another soul-less tart, Amy Fisher of Joey Buttafuocco fame, Amy Fisher she couldn’t have done a better job. 

Since Casey had yet to be sentenced, that sudden transformation and reversion to form reflected either obliviousness or total disregard for both public and judicial perceptions– testimony to her innate stupidity and absence of conscience.  

Why, then, is her release a societal boon?  Simply because in prison she would have been a cause célèbre, at least initially confined to isolation to protect her from harm.  She would have had her three squares a day, access to her lawyers and the appeals process, the attention she craves, and all the amenities America’s modern, so-called penal institutions provide for reprobates. 

Granted the food and accommodations wouldn’t have been up to her standards, she may have lost her appetite and appeals, and the attention would have been negative attention but she would have been relatively safe.          

On the outside, Casey will be on her own, hounded by the press and paparazzi, reviled, harassed, and abused in her community, labeled forever as the murderer of her own child, and should, hopefully, live out her days in abject misery. 

I know she will be able to change some elements of that scenario, by moving, changing her name and appearance, possibly even becoming penitent and leading an admirable life. However, nothing will ever change the fact Casey killed Caylee and, unless she is so far removed from her essential humanity, she will suffer the guilt of that abominable crime until she dies.  

In prison, Casey Marie Anthony would soon be forgotten.  In society, she will serve as a model for future generations of how far an individual can sink into human and moral degradation. 

Rationalizing in this horror is tantamount to grasping at short straws but something is better than nothing.