When is a vicious, unprovoked attack on a white man on a New York City subway by 5 black men mouthing anti-white epithets not a hate crime? 

When does a noted Las Vegas entrepreneur rip the president of the United States for his business-killing policies and virtually no one in the MSM reports it?    

Why, of course when cops deem black racism something other than what it is for PC reasons and when Obama’s mainstream media treat negative commentary on this president to be too insignificant to report in any depth, if at all.    

Jason Fordell said she was attacked on the subway by a group of men.    Bronxite Jason Fordell, 29, a self-described little guy, was travelling home at 5 a.m. from a Manhattan gig where he had been peddling his hand-made leather goods when he was harrassed and set upon by four black men for no apparent reason other than the color of his skin.    

Hurling epithets such as, “cracker this, white boy this, f—-t this,” the four blacks, encouraged by the rest of the crowded train, assaulted and pummeled him.  Since it seemed like so much fun, a fifth African-American jumped in saying, ”Oh, I get a few shots, too” and kicked Fordell in the head.  After leaving the train, Fordell was grabbed in a headlock, beaten while he lay on the ground, and robbed of $2900 of his wares.

The victim emerged from the attack with extensive bleeding, a swollen eye, a footprint on his back and neck, and later reported blood in his urine.  

Police were only able to arrest the fifth assailant, Barminthe Ramoutar, 54, charging him with felony gang assault and robbery.  They refused to characterize the incident as a hate crime since they weren’t certain of the motives behind it or whether racial bias was involved. (http://nydn.us/pGV1H9)  

In the Big Apple, a gang of five blacks beating and robbing a lone white while cursing and calling him a cracker white boy doesn’t constitute a hate crime.  It’s not bias, it’s simply exercise. 

steve wynn   Steve Wynn, CEO of Vegas’ Wynn Resorts, engaged in his own bit of exercise, of the verbal variety, and let loose a barrage of Obama criticism in a conference call, a critique which capsulized this president’s anti-business bias. 

Internet sites were awash with stories on Wynn’s merited, provoked call but, like the famous tree that falls in the woods with no one within earshot, Wynn’s words made no mass media sound.           

As with Jason Fordell’s black assailants, Wynn pulled no punches in his evaluation of President Barack Hussein Obama in his quarterly conference call and was positive and upbeat over the future of Las Vegas even as he was brutally honest concerning Obama. 

Being upbeat and honest are foreign concepts to our president and maybe he can learn some things from Wynn’s comments, assuming he ever gets to read or hear about them. 

BusinessInsider.com termed Wynn’s words “an epic Obama rant.”  It may have been epical not in the Homeric sense but as amazing and was much more than that: A noted American, a Democrat notable at that, had the temerity to speak his mind on an extremely controversial subject, the true nature of our “weird,” fear-mongering, business-busting, job-destroying president. 

Wynn contends that the socialist-leaning Obama has exerted little if any leadership on everything from the debt crisis to the unemployment crisis due to our his immersion in political expediency above all other concerns.  He characterized the administration as “the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime,” which I personally feel is a clear insult to wet blankets.

Wynn went on, ominously, “I’m telling you that the business community in this company is frightened to death of the weird political philosophy of the President of the United States.  And until he’s gone, everybody’s going to be sitting on their thumbs.”  (http://read.bi/nAA48s)  

(I presume Steve Wynn merely meant America’s various, precarious situations won’t improve until we elect a new president.) 

I can fully grasp the intent of the NYPD in not labeling the black racist assault on Jason Fordell a hate crime.  The long, hot summer still has a ways to go and the police want to avoid inflaming the African-American community with the truth and having to deal with riots. 

I’m less able to comprehend why the mass media is ignoring Steve Wynn’s truth about President Obama. 

That last is a lame joke.  Only the terminally obtuse–and a few Democrats–are unaware that Obama owns the MSM.