Make Money   You can say many things about President Obama and the rest of the current crop of Democrats, and I have, but no one can ever deny they have a way with words, a transparently sinister, cynical, and surreptitious way, but a way.  And, they often get away with their linguistic chicanery. 

Whatever the ultimate outcome of the ongoing debt ceiling wrangle, it can be certain that, if Democrats title the final bill, it won’t be what it appears to be.  

Misrepresentation of their effort to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act with the misnomered Marriage Protection Act was a pale shadow of how they twisted reality by calling Obamacare the Patient Care and Affordability Act, their greatest accomplishment to date in using deceptive words to cloak the true nature of a law which was actually designed to provide selective medical care at exorbitant cost. 

Most telling about the farce that is Obamacare: Congressmen wanted no part of it for themselves and opted to retain their own, generous health system in its stead.    

BANK TRANSACTIONS HR4646   They now have a new verbal subterfuge up their collective sleeves, HR4646, the Debt Free America Act, which title would suggest it is planned as a measure to free the nation of debt, which it is, sort of.  As always, the devil is in the details. 

What isn’t advertised is that the Democrat scheme to free the America of debt, to bail out the nation and pay off Democrat profligacy, will be achieved not by spending reductions but by imposing federal taxes–naturally described as fees, not taxes–on every bank, credit union, mutual fund, broker, ATM, credit card and debit transaction Americans make. 

Even worse, we can be sure if Dems succeed in passing the HR4646 scam the country will soon be up to its collective eyeballs in new debt.  With the national debt standing at $14,357,278,807,937.01 as of 7-26-11, the feasibility of that bill’s making America “debt free” in our lifetimes is a stretch and further testimony to Democrat diddling of the English language.      

Sponsored by Democrat Rep. Peter deFazio (OR) and Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin (IA), the Debt Free America Act is heartily supported by former Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (CA).  Rep. Pelosi is best remembered for her startling and unashamedly public exhibition of abject ignorance regarding Obamacare in saying that monstrosity would have to be passed in order to see what was in it.  

Well, those Dems are at it again with HR4646.  Compounding their deceit and since they were unable to pass it in 2009, it will be shelved until after the 2012 election, assuming they win.  

Nancy Pelosi is a liar   When first proposed, then-Speaker Pelosi said of HR4646, “I believe that the transaction tax still has a great deal of merit” and would have a “really minimal impact on the transaction, but a tremendous impact on helping us meet our needs.”  

From the perspective of the multimillionaire Pelosi family, the 1% tax/fee might be really minimal.  From the perspective of real Americans, the impact would be really significant. 

Even liberal-leaning expressed outrage in its article, “The One Percent Solution,” subtitled, “The Transaction Tax  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??” (Snopes’ emphasis)

Snopes detailed the features of HR4646: a 1% tax on every deposit and withdrawal including direct-deposited Social Security checks, dividends, real estate sales and purchases, when you use your VISA card to buy a widget or a roomful of furniture, when you transfer money from savings to checking, virtually every time you make any financial  transaction. (  

Do the math: You would have to fork over to the feds an additional buck every time you used an ATM, $40 from a $4,000 paycheck, $15 from a $1500 Social Security check, $2,000 from a $200,000 real estate deal, and don’t forget the nickel more for that $5.00 widget.  

Pelosi must only have been considering the widget when she said the effect would be minimal.  An average family could readily pay a thousand dollars or more annually, much more if they bought a house or a ton of widgets. 

As Snopes observed, “This woman is nuts!!!”  Nope, Snopesians, Pelosi isn’t nuts at all.  She’s simply a Democrat, a multimillionaire Dem, at that, out of touch, out to milk the public, out to bilk America.  And she has a way with words. 

As the Ohio Free Press aptly noted, ”Once the pig is loose in the trough it is tough to get it reigned back in where it once was.”  See the entire bill HR4646 in all its deceptive glory on the OFP website here and then hide your wallet.