The Home Depot retails its wares, ranging from building supplies to appliances to tools and almost everything in between, in all 50 states and various foreign nations via its 2,248 big box stores.  It also peddles the homosexual agenda while rejecting out of hand a petition signed by half a million valued shoppers who objected to that stance. 

Home Depot's Frank Blake   Ever since its surprising corporate choice of Frank Blake as chairman and CEO in 2007, the Atlanta-based company under Blake’s direction has waged an unrelenting advocacy campaign not for new customers but for the homosexual lifestyle.  Blake had virtually no retail experience before his selection, which leads one to believe he has a good, influential buddy on Home Depot’s Board of Directors. 

Two years ago, Blake survived an ouster move arising from an employee-abuse scandal involving unethical conduct related to the company’s stringent Code of Conduct when he essentially maintained he was oblivious of the abuses despite his “full and documented knowledge.”  (  

Good buddies and bottom lines go a long way at The Home Depot. 

Apparently, ethics aren’t Frank Blake’s strong suit although he does seem to feel a deep sense of ethical responsibility toward the gay community.  

According to the authoritative American Family Association (AFA), instead of opting for a course of neutrality on controversial issues, a course most publicly-traded corporations in the United States wisely and rightly elect, Frank Blake’s Home Depot engages in promoting homosexuality. 

Among its promotional, and discriminatory, activities:

• In June, 2011, Home Depot marched in the Boston Gay Pride Parade.

• Home Depot placed pro-homosexual displays in store break rooms, while rejecting requests from employees to recognize Christian Heritage month as part of its commitment to “diversity.”

• In June 2010, Home Depot set up a “Kids Workshop” at several gay festivals and parades.

• In 2009, Home Depot allowed employees to wear “gay” buttons on their aprons, but fired an employee for wearing a “One Nation Under God” button.

• Home Depot paid to print thousands of color brochures during the 2010 Atlanta Gay Pride Festival with a schedule and map of hundreds of gay pride activities and booths.  The brochure prominently featured the promotion for a gay marriage “Commitment Ceremony” at the event.

• In 2009, Home Depot gave over $5,000 to be a major sponsor of the Nashville Gay Pride Festival.  It also sponsored parades in Atlanta; Kansas City; Portland, Maine; and San Diego.

• Home Depot financially supports Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s leading organization pushing for homosexual marriage in America.  

homo-depot   Lest we forget the abovementioned petition, “In May, 2011, Home Depot Chairman Frank Blake summarily dismissed 500,000 petition signatures presented to him at the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting in Atlanta.  Mr. Blake stated the company would continue supporting homosexual activist groups and activities.” (  

There is nothing inherently wrong in any individual or any corporation in America supporting any cause.  It is grossly wrong and un-American to discriminate against employees and the general public who maintain opposing views. 

The Home Depot’s (NYSE: HD) stockholders will have to decide whether they wish to continue to hold or sell their shares in a biased company.  The public can express their objections by signing the petition to boycott Home Depot at the AFA website cited above,       

Do keep in mind, Lowes has better service, higher quality products, and non-judgmental corporate policies.  (In the interests of full disclosure, I don’t own either Home Depot or Lowes stock.)