Whistling in the wind is a futile exercise, the equivalent of a guy pissing into the wind.  Not only can no one hear the warbler but no one cares and the only thing the other guy accomplishes is self-satisfaction, and wetting his pants. 

That latter negative doesn’t faze President Barack Hussein Obama backers or God-hating atheists, however.  Those two groups, which overlap, seem to get off on futility and by making asses of themselves. 

Barack Obama Reminds Us Why We   For some ungodly reason, an amazing number of people still support both Obama’s mishandling of the economy as well as his overall job performance, support which can only be attributable to the miserable failure of American public education, the probability that those who approve of him and his policies are among that 45% who pay zilch in federal taxes, and all of them get their news primarily through Obama’s MSM filters. 

If the majority of those who still back him are even semi-literate, they no doubt “graduated” from high schools where their teachers were also semi-literate and where their social studies instructors coached them in the finer nuances of socialist thought and advised them to get on the dole to beat the system and to tune in to MSNBC or its like so they could say they were informed citizens.          

Economy   Currently, the president is engaged in the Battle of the Bilge centered on whether the nation will buy into his various schemes to add many trillions to the national debt, his phony talk of compromise even as he threatens to veto Republican compromises and, of course, to achieve a surplus–on or about 2040 A.D. by which time he will be long gone as will the United States as we once knew it.  

Still, Obama’s faithful minions back him to the hilt, assuming they can continue as leeches in the interim.  

Is this a great country or what?   

Atheists don’t think so.  At least they don’t believe Americans were ”endowed by their Creator” as per the “Declaration of Independence” or that we are a nation existing “under God” according to our “Pledge of Allegiance”or that “in God we trust,” according to our biblically-derived official motto, coinage, and paper currency. 

Precisely what most atheists do believe, aside from Friedrich Nietzsche’s Nihilism and God is dead” philosophy, which literally drove him insane, is difficult to fathom except insofar as their beliefs begin and end in nothingness. 

WTC cross    That driving personal, philosophical negativity most recently inspired atheists–if the word “inspiration” can ever be applied to atheism–to file a federal lawsuit against an innocuous yet symbolically powerful icon. 

A group known as American Atheists objects to the display at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum of conjoined sections of the remains of the World Trade Center which somehow were left intact and formed a cross. 

The American Atheists contend the display is unconstitutional and represents a  “government enshrinement of the cross . . . an impermissible mingling of church and state,” something they vociferously and consistently oppose, a “mingling” prohibition non-existent in the Constitution, though interpreted to exist in the First Amendment by judicial fiat. 

The American Atheists and their ilk are little concerned with the Constitution nor with the lack of representation of other religions at the memorial nor with the fact the accidental cross is not a symbol of Christianity–their true foe–but of the indomitable American spirit in the wake of an unprecedented, murderous attack on our soil a decade ago. 

In the words of American Atheists president Dave Silverman: “The WTC cross has become a Christian icon.  It has been blessed by so-called holy men and presented as a reminder that their god, who couldn’t be bothered to stop the Muslim terrorists or prevent 3,000 people from being killed in his name, cared only enough to bestow upon us some rubble that resembles a cross.  It’s a truly ridiculous assertion.” (http://bit.ly/r5zh2W) 

That vicious, bigoted rant speaks for itself but I’ll add a few more: No, Mr. Silverman, that cross is no Christian icon in the context of the WTC memorial, the 3,000 innocents were not killed in God’s name but in Allah’s name, and the only ridiculous feature of your lawsuit is that you missed the entire point of the memorial and that cross–to remember, to mourn, and to resolve that what happened on September 11th, 2011 will never happen again.  

Silverman’s American Atheists and Obamians have a great deal in common: ignorance, stupidity, and self-debasement.