Washington, D.C. : DK Travel   It’s sometimes challenging to attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff, the real from the unreal, the merely mistaken from the blatantly hyperbolic, the dumb from the patently maniacal ideas and blatherings emanating from Washington, D.C. nowadays.   

Okay, it’s always a challenge and not just lately.  Of late, however, some of the chaffish,  unreal, hyperbolic rantings from Democrat politicians lead objective observers to wonder whether some of their ilk have gone, literally, insane. 

If not for the state of the art air conditioning in the Capitol, I could attribute it all to the effects of D.C. heat.  

A leader of the Dem pack, former and wannabe-future Speaker of the House, multi-millionaire Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi, (CA), has always been an enigma to those who were mystified as to how a DNC hack could rise to the position of third in succession to the presidency of the United States. 

In her role as Speaker, Pelosi further mystified with ineptitude supplemented by outrageous ignorance, more graciously termed inexperienced naiveté, as when she freely admitted she hadn’t the bloodiest idea of what was contained in the most significant social legislation her House had passed in generations, Obamacare. 

Saying we would all have to wait until the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was rammed through on Christmas Eve, 2009 before we–and she and her fellow Democrats who had done the ramming–would know what the PPACA contained should have led to her summary impeachment.  Instead, it led to accolades for Pelosi’s leadership.  

Go figure.  

What is beyond figuring are the most recent statements of this current Democrat Leader of the House and her congressional cohorts. 

Nancy Pelosi   On Thursday, Leader Pelosi delivered what may best be described as a head-shaker regarding the debt limit debate, which the Senate Majority Leader on Friday all but guaranteed would go down to the Tuesday wire.   

Rep. Pelosi clarified the essential issue in that debate for us nincompoops who just can’t grasp essentials when she said, “What we [that would be Democrats] are trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget.  We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.” (http://bit.ly/ql288h)

Got it now, fellow nincompoops?  And you thought that Obama spending scarce taxpayer money like a drunken Dem and adding trilions to the national debt in just 28 months, his refusal to accept the Republican proposal for a balanced budget, and his demonstrable financial ineptitude were the problems!  You probably also believe legislation should be read before it’s approved!   

We should trust Aunt Nancy to preserve the planet, all life thereon, and the American way, forever and ever.  Amen. 

Democrat Senator Harry Reid   Harry Reid (NV) is another Dem who has either gone over the rhetorical top–or has simply gone bonkers. 

Always searching for bi-partisan cooperation and compromise, the Democrat leader of “the world’s greatest deliberative body,” the United States Senate, deliberated give or take 2 or 3 minutes on Friday before he–and the president–shot down the latest Republican efforts at cooperation and compromise to avert default. 

Harry Reid’s action Friday night followed his statement in the afternoon in which he rejected all compromise by saying, “No, no, no.  We cannot be in this battle all the time.”   He went on to demonize the compromisers: “Right now the extremists have locked down this Congress” and added, “We’re doing nothing,” the only accurate feature of his rant, assuming he was referring to his party. 

Reid wasn’t finished until he had elaborated: ”The extremists have locked down the White House.  They’re not able to do their work.”  He failed to clarify precisely how Republicans, even “extremist” Republicans–a pejorative which covers any who aren’t subservient–could lock down the White House, unless the Executive Branch is incompetent. 

Still not done, Reid then betrayed his distubed mindset by dredging up a previous, failed Democrat presidency when he wailed, “The country is in an economic malaise and they want to keep this up.” (http://bit.ly/qfnvUt)

It may be recalled that in July, 1979 Jimmy Carter famously extrapolated his own malaise, his feeble weakness and debility, onto the nation and the American people who reciprocated by dumping him less than 16 months later. 

Maybe Uncle Harry is trying to tell us something? 

Rep. James Clyburn   Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, third ranking Democrat in the House, always seems to be trying to tell us something or other and the something often relates to race. 

A member of the exclusionary Congressional Black Caucus, as is virtually every African-American in congress, Clyburn threw in his un-original solution for solving the debt crisis that is driving Pelosi and Reid to distraction and malaise.  Clyburn suggests, in effect, government by executive order, that Obama invoke what he calls “the Fo-teenth”  Amendment to avoid “dee-fault.” 

His bewildering rationale for using the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution? 

Well, Lincoln used the Emancipation Declaration to free the slaves, Truman used an executive order to integrate the military, etc. so why shouldn’t Obama take the same route?  The fact that the debt limit question is not a social issue is of no consequence to Clyburn nor is the possibility of Obama’s impeachment should he attempt to bypass the Constitution and the legislative branch.  Just let them try impeaching, dares Clyburn.   

See the video here: http://bit.ly/p8zV8F  

Washington has long been a cesspool.  Democrats  are in process of making it an insane cesspool.