When any governmental entity is involved, the line between intended and unintended consequences can be extremely fine, indeed. 

as Don't Ask, Don't Tell.   Take, for example, the consequences of the repeal of the military’s DADT, the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy which required homosexuals in the Armed Services not to advertise their sexual inclinations in return for the military’s not inquiring, inquiries which could have resulted in their expulsion. 

After extensive study of the deleterious effects outed gays would have on our troops and despite widespread opposition from Marines and combat forces in general, military powers-that-be in the Pentagon–predominantly ambitious officers who wouldn’t want to be perceived as opposing political directives–are set to officially lift the gay ban next month. 

If gay agitators get their way, acceptance of homosexuals, turning blind eyes to their proclivities, not “telling” on them will not only become politically passe’ but de rigueur in the services via active recruitment. 

The intended consequences being strategized by the LGBT set probaby isn’t exactly what the military intended.   

According to the Washington Times, ”An underground gay group in the military wants recruiters to reach out to the gay community in the same way they target blacks, Hispanics and women.”  The group, Outserve, representing some 4,000 homosexuals currently serving, is planning what the Times calls a “coming out party” in October in Vegas and wants the military to be on hand. 

As one still-closeted Air Force officer put it, “The DoD regularly attends public events to recruit, and we believe they should be at Pride events next year around the country to let the gay community know the opportunities to serve their nation.”  As one conservative  commentator sees the agitation, it’s all part and parcel of what gay activists do: Push the envelope to the breaking point. 

Robert Knight keenly observed, “No one should be surprised at what will be an increasingly shrill set of demands to use the military as an endorsing agency for homosexual activism.”

Knight helped draft DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, another basic principle of American society targeted by gays because it restricts marriage to one man, one woman.

With respect to gays in the military, Knight opines, “The idea that they would be satisfied with a military that is merely indifferent to sexual preference ignores what they’ve done in other institutions, such as corporations, schools and even some church denominations.” (http://bit.ly/riBoZ6)

What gays have done at corporations, schools, churches–and in the entertainment industry especially–is infiltrate then seek to dominate and direct the thinking and values of those institutions. 

The Pentagon has not indicated whether it will accept or decline the Vegas invite but based on recent precedent, what gays demand they get, no matter the consequences.     

SeaBASS   At the National Aeronautic and Space Administration, NASA, an intended consequence has developed into quite the opposite.  Satellite data have left the government’s global warming reservation by exposing that money-making, money-wasting sham for the scam it is. 

For years now, governments and their fellow travelers in the scientific community have been warning that the sky if not yet falling soon would be, that the Earth’s environment, if not yet universally toxic was on the verge, that polar bears were drowning due to melting glaciers, that mankind’s only habitable planet was slowly being cooked because our atmosphere was trapping all those evil human emissions of CO2 .  

It turns out, not unsurprisingly, that alarmist global warmist prognostications are all a crock.  A study co-authored by Dr. Roy Spencer, a noted University of Alabama scientist “reports that real-world data from NASA’s Terra satellite contradict multiple assumptions fed into alarmist computer models.” 

Those “alarmist computer models” were generated by the United Nations which has had everything to gain and nothing to lose over the past few decades by perpetrating and perpetuating the monumental fraud variously known as global cooling-global warming-climate change. 

Global warming causes   Not even dissuaded by “Climategate,” the 2009 expose’ of conspiratorial data manipulation at its own University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit, the U.N. has plodded on with its baseless fearmongering charade that global warming is anthropogenically-created since that’s where the grants, the money, are.       

Apparently choosing not to tow the U.N. company line and newly-evolved NASA political propaganda, Spencer’s team handily refuted the U.N.-NASA myth.

They report, ”Real-world [versus fantasy world] data from NASA’s Terra satellite contradict multiple assumptions fed into alarmist computer models” and that “The satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming than the climate models show.  There is a huge discrepancy between the data and the forecasts that is especially big over the oceans.” 

It seems our atmosphere sheds heat better and faster than the United Nations would have us believe, a belief which could undermine its panic mode designs. 

A few heads will surely roll at NASA for permitting its Aqua satellite to carry Spencer’s radiometer which, one more time, proves that the planet and all its inhabitants aren’t gradually being toasted or parboiled, which is not to suggest it will make an iota’s bit of difference to the U.N. 

Just as with the Pentagon’s witlessness in trying to integrate markedly different homosexuals into the armed forces and still expect military cohesiveness and effectiveness, the U.N. will continue to spread its climate lies and NASA will be its willing accomplice.