A great, new product, “delicious little mints” called “Disappointmints” and depicting President Barack Hussein Obama in a classic pose and the caption, “This Is Change?” is on the market.  Priced originally at $3.00, the capitalist pigs selling the confection jacked up the price to $5.00 and delayed delivery until September when demand for “Disappointmints” far exceeded the on-hand supply. 

I won’t furnish the details on the on-line dealer since they say in their sales pitch, “Hey, we’ve been as big a fan of Barack Obama as anyone,” even if they add, ”But with each compromise for the sake of unity, ‘Yes we can’ looks more like ‘No he can’t.’ “ 

In point of fact, the president definitely can.  The issue is more precisely, What has Obama done and therein lies the aptness of Disappointmints.

Among a multitude of other domestic and international failed initiatives, he has managed to effect a virtual state of siege in various American communities where blacks have run amok.   

Two recent incidents are only the latest illustrative examples of how well Obama’s post racial civility is going. 

Riot!   Following riots and pandemonium earlier this year in and around his adopted town of Chicago, in Peoria, Ilinois, in Bessemer, Alabama, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (see “Riotous Times in America,” http://bit.ly/l5QQr0), and in Des Moines, Iowa, (See “They Eyes Don’t Always Have It,” http://bit.ly/riDuRM), new eruptions broke out this past week in Philadelphia and again in Milwaukee.

A public transportation bus became the site of an insane shooting scene in Philadelphia after a male passenger chastised a mother for spanking her 2 year old for acting up on the bus.  The passenger threatened to turn her in for abusing her child.  The woman forestalled that notification by immediately grabbing her cell phone and making a call. 

She disembarked at her stop with the assistance of her brother who cleared the way for two men who then loosed a fusillade of 14 bullets from an assault rifle and a handgun into the bus. 

Watch the mayhem and the actions of the black mother and the black gunmen on a surveillance video: http://bit.ly/mZpAbf  

New Black Panther Party   Some people may have forgotten that Philly was the scene of the 2008 Election Day white voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party, one of whom said at the time that this is what you get with a black man in charge.  That implications of that threat have become very clear and were accented by Obama’s Attorney General refusal to prosecute the Panthers and subsequent indications the DoJ wouldn’t pursue cases unless the aggrieved parties were minorities. 

You may have forgotten all that but the new Philly gunman evidently didn’t nor could the residents of Milwaukee have forgotten what happened there last Friday since it was a virtual re-play of the Mayfair Mall mayhem in January with the qualification that this time the marauders were more violently focused at the Wisconsin State Fair. 

Hundreds of rampaging youths assaulted, beat, and robbed dozens of fairgoers but they were very selective in their assaults, beatings, and robberies.      

As one first-hand observer defined that focus,”It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people.” ”It was 100% racial,” claimed Eric, an Iraq war veteran who added, “They were looking in everybody’s windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black.” (http://bit.ly/qyI6bH) 

One common denominators in almost every one of the above “incidents,” whether in Chicago, Peoria, Bessemer, or Milwaukee is that they are consistently described by the media–and the local police– as committed by generic “youths,” even though those Iowa rioters had been chanting that it was “Beat Whitey Night!” 

Another commonality is that the attacking, robbing, shooting youths were all African-Americans, a fact no amount of political correctness, salving of black psyches, or police trying to prevent more widespread racial upheaval can conceal indefinitely.  

Walter Williams.jpg   Eminent, libertarian scholar, economist, and keen observer of America’s social scene Walter E. Williams recently commented on the state of race relations in our country and specifically on the involvement of African-Americans in the increasingly volatile, racial upheaval in that community. 

Prof. Williams forthrightly said, “Most racist assaults are committed by blacks” and that the media is actively engaged in a massive, united cover-up of that fact.  See http://bit.ly/mtX5AM   

Great nations most often collapse from within and America is currently experiencing such a catastrophic event caused in large part by societal disintegration facilitated by a mainstream media that chooses to distort and disguise black racist crime in the name of political correctness and in the interests of short-term political gain. 

As with Obama’s calculated mishandling of the economy, it seems very plausible that this president and his administration planned or at the minimum fully anticipated the racial turmoil we are witnessing today. 

Not to worry, though.  Just sit back, pop a few Disappointmints, and watch the nation implode.