an American Tea Party   The American tea party movement, the Tea Party, the TPM, was founded on two guiding emotions, frustration and fear, frustration with how governments regard and treat the governed, fear that our leaders and the taxation they imposed were out of control and driving us into bankruptcy. 

Both feelings have been proven well-grounded in recent weeks as illustrated by the farcical debt ceiling agreement with its obvious cop-out, the superduper committee, the subsequent Standard and Poors credit downgrade, and the unprecedented stock market upheaval.    

The Tea Party arose initially in 2009 as a populist reaction to mindless bailouts, ineffectual stimuli, and an unconstitutional government takeover of health care but has evolved into much more than the Taxed Enough Already Party, as some wags have labeled it.  The Tea Party has aroused fear in the liberal hearts of misplaced RINOs in the Republican Party and in the quaking, lost souls of spendthrift Democrats. 

Demonstrating that fear, the Left has adopted a policy of demonizing Tea Partiers and their movement as seen most recently by our odd vice president describing them as terrorists, then apologizing for that calumny knowing full well the terrorist label will stick and the apology will soon be forgotten.  

Then, some shrink on the leftist MSNBC termed the Tea Party angry, delusional, potentially violent idealists and compared them to the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik all because they want fiscal sanity in a vast sea of financial dementia.  ( 

Talk about insanity!   

Senate Majority Leader Reid was no less out of touch when he predicted the Tea Party would fade away like old soldiers and “will lose a number of seats next year.”  Poor Harry has apparently forgotten the TPM only came into its own in 2010 with the conservative avalanche in Congress and refuses to acknowledge that, after two years its supporters have surpassed the number of liberals in the nation. 

That latter, chilling news for Dems comes to us via Gallup polls conducted July 27 and August 2.  Gallup announced yet another stake through the liberal heart in earlier polls which found that 41% of Americans consider themselves conservatives versus 21% still foolish enough to admit to being liberals. (   

With all that as background and testimony to Democrat-leftist-liberal illusions and as we await the findings of the closed-door shenanigans of the stacked superduper committee and the fall out from the S&P decision and the opinion of the ultimate arbiter of where America’s economy is headed, Wall Street investors, liberal politicians are nevertheless still wrong-headedly beating a sorry path down the road to financial perdition.  

By all indications, those pols haven’t heeded a word from the Tea Party insofar as its fiscal concerns.  They are forging ahead with business as usual–profligate waste, contemptuous disregard for the nation’s and localities’ dire straits, and an oblivious attitude toward taxpayers’ desperation. 

Thus and simply as more blatant examples of liberal profligacy and hypocrisy:   

.  Our president plans an oh-so-necessary-totally-apolitical informational bus tour of three Midwest states beginning August 15.  The fact those states–Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois–are electoral swing states less than fifteen months before the general election is incidental and the taxpayers will pick up the tab for Obama’s junket.

.  America’s VP is entitled to Secret Service security protection, as he should be.  What he shouldn’t be is profiting from that protection yet, in competition with his boss in wasting tax funds, Joe Biden has been collecting $2200. in rent from the same people charged with saving his hide. 

.  A classic example of local spending envy comes to us from the amazingly useless and failing Philadelphia public school system for which Democrat Rep. Chaka Fattah provided a boon, a taxpayer trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands for Philly high school students and chaperones which must have been a magnificent learning experience.      

There is a certain rationale for the lib wastrel mindset and Vermont’s veteran liberal Senator Pat Leahy articulated it in 2009 during a Q&A on Obamacare when he said, “Nobody questions our authority.”  Well, you and your ilk were wrong then as you have been on so many other issues, Sen. Leahy, and the Tea Party has now called you on it.           

Marie Antoinette may or may not have said that French peasants should eat cake since they had no bread.  Some American politicians are effectively saying that American taxpayers–we have no “peasants” since most of our “poor” are on some sort of dole and have flat screen tv’s, cell phones, and food stamps–should eat dirt and be grateful if it contains protein-rich worms.  

MEMO to Sen. Leahy and his compatriots: The Tea Party has served notice that the past is no longer prologue.