Search Result for obama   America’s president of less than 31 months has often taken what could generously be termed flights of fancy and less charitably be described as flashbacks resulting from his mystery-shrouded years in Hawaii, at Occidental College, and at Columbia University. 

His most obvious fantasy was his belief that he was qualified to serve as president of the United States of America and commander-in-chief of our armed forces, a fantasy indulged by a deluded  majority of the electorate in 2008 for which the nation has been paying due compensation ever since.  

Barack Hussein Obama is a veritable treasure trove of Lewis Carroll fantasies.

He has passed himself off as a Christian predicated on his attendance for 20 years in the pews of the Trinity United Church of Christ, where the racist, America-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright regaled the Obama family with his venomous diatribes, none of which our scholarly leader recalls. 

Obama also vehemently denies any and all allegations that he is in fact a closet Muslim and he would denounce as the products of lying eyes and ears any suggestions of his Islamic affinity which slipped out and was captured in a CNN video:

In addition, all evidence to the contrary, Obama professes to be a true, patriotic American, despite his associations with proud, professed terrorists such as Bill Ayers and two-decade indoctrination by Rev. Wright.       

We must never succumb to foolish beliefs in the obvious. 

Is The US Economy Being   One such erroneous belief in the Obamian playbook is that Obama has succeeded in his brief tenure in relegating the American economy to a virtual basket case.  The unprecedented S&P downgrade is wrong, we had “Recovery Summer” in 2010, the unemployment numbers are deceptive and, in any event, whatever is awry is all attributable to Obama’s standard, time-tested bugaboo: Bush did it primarily with two unfunded wars, both of which Obama has continued to wage.     

Reminiscent of his amazing capture and summary execution of Usama bin laden, our fantasizing president outdid his fantasy self on a stopover during his costly, taxpayer-funded, non-campaign bus tour in Iowa.   With a straight face he claimed he had all but singlehandedly saved the universe, preserved the union, and ended the recession–and then Lady Bad Luck interceded.  

More precisely, Obama said that his economic program had “reversed the recession” up until some Europeans melted down, nature wreaked havoc in Japan, Arabs sprang into spring, and dastardly Republicans aided and abetted by terrorist tea partiers jumped into his careful mix and bolloxed up his plan. 

Adeptly executing the blame game approach to governing, two weeks after he signed onto the bi-partisan debt ceiling agreement, Obama now calls the pact “a debacle” and blames “partisan brinkmanship” and plain old bad luck from overseas for his abject failures.  (

A reality check: America’s economy was in the pits long before Europe’s upheavals, long before Japan’s tsunami and earthquake, long before the Mideast exploded, and long before Republicans made a half-hearted effort to effect fiscal sanity. 

Next thing you know, our leader will be saying he really did close Gitmo, that he hasn’t really raised taxes, that Obamacare is constitutional, and that his bride has always been proud of her country. 

Far more critical than any of those developments is a valid concern as to whether Obama is in his right mind when he contends he “reversed the recession.”  That distorted thinking is contrary to all perceived reality and could be emblematic of an unbalanced mind which is significantly more dangerous than economies in upheaval, tsunamis, crazed Arabs, or angry Republicans!