Is it racist to report the news truthfully and honestly? 

 President Barack Hussein Obama’s mainstream media doesn’t think so, as demonstrated in various articles on this weblog and as attested to by a rare and honorable African-American, Professor Walter E. Williams.  Williams frankly acknowledges that the MSM censors and expurgates news by downplaying racial agitation and omitting the racial identities of criminals for a variety of reasons, most of which relate to political correctness dictating what Americans are entitled to know. 

Nevertheless, the racial beat goes on.

ANTI-AMERICAN HYPOCRITE CLOWN LOUIS FARRAKHAN!  Good Obamabuddy Reverend Louis Farrakhan, aka Calypso Louie, aka Louis Eugene Wolcott, aka the Prince of Rage, aka grand poohbah of the black racist-separatist Nation of Islam, by all indications is still a good buddy despite having asked the president of the United States, “Who the hell do you think you are?” for ostensibly opposing Libya’s Daffy Qaddafi.

Louie has again crawled out from under one of his palace rocks to stir his anti-American pot. 

This time, Obama’s bud is beating the drum for the Fort Hood mass murderer Major Nidal Malik Hasan who, like Farrakhan and his tribe, is really a good Muslim despite having slaughtered 13 people and wounding 30 others as he screamed, “Allahu Akbar!”  Farrakhan defends the major since Hasan was only attacking American soldiers who are all raping and murderering Muslim women, and men, in the Mideast.   

Never fazed by truth, Calypso Louie ignores the facts that 7 of Hasan’s victims were civilians and that the vast majority of our troops would never go near hygienically-challenged Iraqis and Afghanis unless they had to shoot them in the line of duty.  

See Farrakhan’s spittle-ridden, hateful diatribe delivered to hooting and howling supporters here: 

Were Farrakhan and the president’s former pastor of 20 years, another reverend–for some reason they all seem to be reverends–Jeremiah Wright, the only black seditionists infesting our land, we could readily deal with and defeat them and their nefarious plots and tolerated conspiracies.  However, they have a number of accomplices, some in high positions in our municipalities and even in our police departments. 

All are as intent on subverting American justice, our laws, and our sense of equitable treatment of all citizens regardless of race and religion as Farrakhan, Wright, and Major Hasan.   

In ”More Riotous Times in Obamaland,”, and other articles, I detailed some of the chaos erupting in our nation, everywhere from Alabama, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  Now further upheavals have occurred. 

All the incidents have three factors in common: The miscreants are invariably African-American youths, Teen mobs suspected in downtown assaults  the media generally conceal that reality and, increasingly, the people charged with preventing the mayhem and enforcing the law have functioned as bull teats rather than as guardians of civilized behavior. 

London Riot 2011   Whether they were attempting to emulate London authorities by adopting a permissive, indulgent approach to law enforcement in the face of civil convulsions, or motivated by fear, or constrained by politically correct considerations, police in Montgomery County, Maryland and in Kansas City, Missouri proved to be as effective as old-fashioned junior high school hall monitors in performing their expected duties. 

Hall monitors may have been more effective.  

7-11 Logo Pictures, Images and   In Montgomery County, cops were on the scene and graciously waited while a black flash mob looted a 7/11 before entering the store.  See the video here: 

Mayor Sly James knows this is true.   In KC, Mayor Sly James finally decided to institute a curfew after 3 teens were shot during another flash mob and his bodyguards had to save his sorry ass. ( 

So-called “flash mobs” are usually nothing more or less than euphemisms for semi-organized riots, mass thievery, and excuses to cause mindless, often violent, havoc.  They could be obviated by official backbones. 

All such mobs are probably not instigated and executed by blacks although the vast majority appear to be and, to date, they have been relatively benign as contrasted with the African-American murder rate.  Also, there is no evidence that the Reverend Farrakhan has organized criminal flash mobs. 

Farrakhan and his ilk are responsible for much worse. 

Rather than exhorting young blacks to excel, get an education, marry before conceiving children, work, save, and defer immediate gratification, they have inculcated an entirely different mindset, a pervasive attitude of victimhood, and encouraged a deployment of that sense of victimhood as a defense and rationale to steal, hurt, and damage, to undermine the fundamental rule of law, all  in the interests of blindly achieving Farrakhan’s ultimate goal of overturning the government and Constitution of the United States.  

The saddest part of all this is that Farrakhan and Company are obviously well on the road to succeeding.  If that conclusion is racist, so be it.