In case no one has noticed, there seems to be an inordinate interest in celebrities and in pedophilia on the internet.  Information on Hollywood and its “stars” has long attracted attention but the pedo attraction has long been confined to fans of sick porno websites.  

Not anymore.   

On the day I posted “Hooray for Hollywood Pedophiles?” (, concerning a Corey Feldman expose’ on rampant perversion involving “vultures” in Tinseltown who prey on child actors, traffic to this blogsite increased by almost 400%, not indisputable evidence of widespread popularity of my site but clear proof that all lecherous vultures aren’t in the movie-making biz.

It’s now come to light that the perversion is not confined to Hollywood–as if it ever were.

A highly prestigious medical organization is in process of endorsing, normalizing, and seeking to legalize grossly abnormal and currently illegal acts of adults having sex with children. 

The pederastic National Association of Man/Boy Love Association, NAMBLA, and the former homosexual Obama administration “Safe Schools” czar, Kevin Jennings, must be positively ecstatic over the move by the American Psychiatric Association, the APA. 

the American Psychological   Though still regarded as the virtual bible of shrinks, said APA terminally discredited itself and its DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, almost 40 years ago when it caved under unrelenting pressure from homosexuals to revise the DSM and change its diagnosis of homosexuality from “an abnormal mental disorder” to, well, just a matter of inclinational taste. 

(See “Nature or Nurture,”, as well as various other pieces on the subject of the APA and how it has transformed psychiatry into pop-science on demand.  It’s entirely plausible that the same disordered group which pressured the APA into altering a long-established diagnosis in 1973 now controls the APA.)   

It wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that retreat from defending and defining normality  to normalizing abnormality may very well represent one of the primary bases for the Western world’s disintegration, a moral disintegration to complement our economic and societal decline.  

In 2011, under a somewhat different, also politically-correct pressure, the APA has caved once again. 

This time the shrinks in charge are striving to accommodate Muslim inclinations to bugger kids and even infants in accord with permissions and encouragement from Islamic sharia law and the holy Koran. 

Hey, since the Islamic Holy Prophet Muhammad could marry an eight year old bride, Aisha, one of his 13 recorded wives, and his holy Islamic heirs still practice pedophilia, what could possibly be wrong? 

Ann Barnhardt  Lots could be and are wrong as Ann Bernhardt of Capital Management, Inc., a brokerage firm, contends.  

Why a stockbroker would publically engage in outing such political-moral situations is beyond me–unless Ms. Bernhardt feels what phony feminists and a slew of other anti-Americans do as well as what the APA thinks and does are critical to the well-being and ultimate survival of our country. 

With regard to imposing sharia anywhere in America, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has implicitly proposed, Bernhardt writes, ”What this pedophilia legalization really has to do with is SHARIA LAW.  In islam, men are allowed to have sex with children and infants. . . . Pedophilia is intrinsic to islam.  There are multiple citations in the koran ratifying and glorifying sex with children of both sexes.”  

She adds, ”The reason the APA is moving to ‘normalize’ pedophilia, or as they call it, ‘attraction to minors,’ is so that the deck will be cleared for muslims and Sharia, and there will be no way to prosecute muslims for child rape. [sic]” (

I would have to take issue with Ms. Barnhardt on one point: The pedophilia deck would not only be cleared for Muslims in America to legally rape children.  Non-Muslims such as Obama’s Kevin Jennings and NAMBLA members and every other twisted perv would see an endorsement of sharia–which has no valid standing in either American medicine or government–as license to seduce kids. 

Hollywood and its vultures evidently don’t have a monopoly on perversion.  Obama’s countless Jennings-types now have an ally in the American Psychiatric Association, all striving to share and spread perverted pleasures.  The chief distinction between the Obamians and the APA is that the latter has gone public.