I admit that I don’t personally know many PETA people.  One old acquaintance admitted PETA membership but couldn’t explain why she is a member.  My barberette conceded PETAN sympathies and used Havaheart traps for a rodent issue until she realized she was simply spreading disease by re-locating what the Pied Piper of Hamlin did.  

Megan Lucy College: PETA Ads.   As noted in Part One, (http://bit.ly/ng9aR2), the mission statement of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals omits all reference to that animal designed to be the ruler of the animal pack, the animal intended by God to be at the top of the food chain, the only animal infused with an immortal soul, the human animal.     

In lieu of concerns for humanity, PETA concentrates on saving and protecting lower and higher species in both the insect and animal worlds, from fleas to rats to poultry to wild birds to fish to baby seals to horses to sheep and all others in-between.  It does allow for humane insect control and doesn’t seem to like backyard dogs very much since they tend to eat fleas, chickens, wild birds, and even sheep if they’re hungry enough. 

According to its website, PETA primarily focuses “on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, in the clothing trade, in laboratories, and in the entertainment industry.”  http://bit.ly/9tndVi   

That’s all very commendable and there is evidence that cruelty exists in those industries which should be prevented.  However, in advocating on behalf of those animals PETA loses sight of people who greatly benefit from animal experimentation, for example, and the millions employed in those industries which PETA would shut down if it had its way.         

Furthermore, for all its self-righteousness, that organization regularly engages in unconscionable excesses beyond warning that feeding meat to children is tantamount to child abuse and other outrages.

In Part One, I also noted that PETA people, with good reason, never directly proclaim that gnats, minnows, turkeys, possums, cows, et al. are equal in importance to human beings or that the many species of beasties that inhabit the planet hold equivalent planetary status to people. 

PETA doesn’t say that because PETANs regard mosquitos, etc. as far superior to the human animal.  They don’t hate, they don’t murder, riot, or commit mayhem and they don’t backbite, hold grudges, or vote although they often spread disease and their higher-up cousins have been known to maim and devour innocent people.     

Despite its mission, PETA and its employees have also been exposed as hypocrites on a number of occasions.

Caged Dog   In one of many instances, employees were indicted for animal cruelty and committing heinous–grossly unethical–acts of animal insensitivity.  They have been accused of needlessly and surreptitiously euthanizing hundreds of animals, in at least one case because the workers reportedly wanted to party on New Year’s Eve. 

See some of the horror stories at http://bit.ly/qmG9ey    

The Sun News Network is reporting that PETA is spreading its wings–and other body parts–to encompass, one could say seduce, a wider audience.  

According to Sun News, PETA plans to launch another publicity-mongering effort come autumn, this time not featuring tossing blood on women wearing even faux fur but rather a porn site which “will feature adult content along with graphic images of animals that viewers may not expect to see.” 

Going porno isn’t unprecedented for PETA.

   The group defends its use of nudity by fatuously claiming that, “It is our hope that people will come to see that our modern-day [Lady] ‘Godivas’ have motives that are just as honorable,” failing to reference the fact that the legendary Godiva was protesting taxation, a far cry from nudity in defense of  rodents, et al.  

PETA is no stranger to the seamy and unseemly.  It has publicly displayed certified porn stars in the past and earlier this month presented a naked, 23 year old Brooke Hogan in its Miami “Animals in Cages” exhibit to illustrate the horrors of caging non-human animals.  

With regard to the skin exhibition, semi-socialite/actress-wannabe Ms. Hogan explained, “I hope it shocks [people] to see a human in the place of an animal.  It really shows how absurd that treatment is. . . We’re all God’s creatures.  Just because we don’t speak the same language doesn’t mean [animals] don’t have feelings too.”

Daddy Hulk should have devoted more time delineating the differences between lions, and tigers, and bears to Baby Brooke and maybe should have defined “dominion” for her, as in  “dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” (Genesis, 1:28)   

No rational individual would deny that intentional mistreatment of animals is abhorrent.  Likewise, no thinking individual would equate naked women in cages with animals unless those individuals harbor deep, psychological aberrations.    

I’m no prude but what most “shocks” is PETA’s brazen, unremitting pursuit of publicity at any unethical cost and its amoral, its Hugh Hefner-esque shocking exploitation of women, its shocking catering to baser instincts, and its shocking failure to comprehend the contribution to societal erosion of PETA-porn.  

Simply because Brooke Hogan is a nitwit and because she and PETA have their priorities lodged in their crotches instead of where their brains should be doesn’t excuse their ignorance of the realities that pornography and cashing in on lies and distortions is as unethical as animal abuse.