crime   Criminality like poverty will always be with us.  It doesn’t take an unemployed NASA scientist to realize that, as long as the human species reproduces unsavory malcontents, greedy thieves, and amoral sociopaths, some people will assault, rob, maim, and murder other people. 

Crime and criminals exist in every socio-economic strata with those in the “upper classes” most often engaging in major thievery and embezzlement–like the master of the Ponzi scam, Bernie Madoff–although the rich and famous aren’t exempt from murderous escapades–like rock impresario Phil Spector. 

Other classes are more likely to indulge in a wider variety of criminality, what some sociologists explain away as a consequence of their status: In effect, they steal because the devil or their mama made them do it and they maim, murder, and wreak havoc because they don’t know any better due to poor parenting, impoverishment, social inequities, and societal-legal discrimination. 

All of that, of course, is hogwash.  Poor criminals become criminals for the same fundamental reasons the rich become criminals: a lack of respect, for themselves, for the law, for common decency, and for other people.  

Back to the Casper Paddy Wagon   The Irish were notorious criminals a century ago.  The term “paddy wagons” dates to the nineteenth century and referred to New York City police vehicles used to transport often drunk and disorderly, legal Irish immigrants arrested during Civil War draft riots and, afterward, apprehended for petty thievery or worse misdeeds. 

The Irish–and Italians, to a lesser extent–climbed out of that political rut because they gained, earned, and learned respect for themselves, etc. 

Today, although it’s politically incorrect to articulate it and the FBI is no longer allowed to track crime on racial bases, the unfortunate truth is that African-Americans per capita are responsible for far more criminal activity than whites.  This widely-understood, but minimized, ignored, and buried fact of criminal life was previously detailed in “Taboo! The Truth about Black Crime,” 

That said, it’s incontestable that, compared to whites, blacks represent a grossly disproportionate number of inmates in U.S. jails and prisons.  However, the rate of black incarceration is not attributable to racism, as racial agitators contend with scant proof, but to the reality that African-Americans are disproportionately guilty of the commission of crimes.

That brings us back to the root question of, Why?  In turn, the “why” leads us to the aforementioned dearth of respect and those same agitators who make their street creds–and all too frequently win elections –by perpetuating the racism myth as the cause of black poverty, unemployment, and tendency to violent behavior. 

New York City’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg is not one of those agitators.  He’s more akin to a facilitator who is currently downplaying an astounding crime “spike” in the Big Apple, an increase mirroring outbreaks in various cities throughout the country where their racial components are usually disregarded. 

After all, we are now living in the racially-irrelevant, color-neutral Age of Obama so why not accent the positive by relegating the truth to the scrap heap? 

22Jun/10Off   Even if the truth shall set Bloomberg free of PC, he persists in saying NYC is “the safest city in America,” which might technically be factual.  At the same time, the megalomaniacal mayor fails to mention that the vast bulk of resurgent crime–including a 400% increase in rapes in one area–is occurring in predominantly black neighborhoods. ( 

In an MSNBC interview, Democrat congresswoman Frederika Wilson of Florida joined Bloomberg in the black responsibility coverup, not targeting crime per se but rather an alleged closely-related contributory factor, the 40% of young African-American males who are unemployed. 

Among various other causes of blacks without jobs, including outsourcing, Rep. Wilson cites the standard propagandist charge of “racism” used when all else fails. 

The brief clip from that interview can be seen here  

Do note that Wilson makes no reference to African-American males being born into single-parent families with absent fathers, their gang membership, their refusal to complete even a high school education, and their habits of indulging in illicit drugs and of impregnating girlfriends thereby perpetuating the vicious cycle of failure and its natural consequence, the lack of a job. 

There are indeed myriad factors for black and white unemployment and crime, not the least of which is a dismal economic picture, a president who is quite evidently at a loss as to how to fix it and who pulls the race and class warfare cards to conceal his inadequacies.

However, not even Obama could find a solution for crime when a person deals with the lack of a job through criminal behavior.  In a different context, Aretha Franklin sang the refrain of the solution many years ago: “R E S P E C T,” without which little can possibly be achieved.       

As I concluded the “Taboo!” article, “America can go on ignoring basic truths about crime and interracial relations.  We can go on pretending that we don’t have a very serious problem.  We can go on telling ourselves in Panglossian fashion that we live in the best of all racial worlds where all is good and everything is beautiful.  When reality finally bites us on the ass, we may think differently.  Maybe.”