Zeituni Onyango,   George Obama photo 

They keep popping out of the woodwork. 

Most of us have relatives we wish were related to other people. Unless we're Hispanic, few of us can claim or want to claim as familial relations people who break the law by sneaking into our country and then add insult to national injury by driving drunk. 

Our president, Barack Hussein Obama, seems to have any number of such relatives, only two of whom have been caught. So far.  

The latest is Obama's dear Kenyan uncle, Onyango Obama, who joins Obama's dear Aunt Zeituni Onyango as a felon. Uncle Onyango added drunk driving to his resume' whereas Aunt Zeituni has merely lived on the public dole for more than a decade.         

Uncle Omar, as Nephew Barack called him in Dreams from My Father, is the half-brother of Barack’s late father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., full brother of Zeituni Onyango, and uncle to George Obama, another Senior offspring and half-brother to America’s president and current resident of a Nairobi ghetto, all of whom are Kenyan natives. 

Barack Junior’s is a complicated family.  

Omar apparently shares more than his half-brother’s genes; he shares Obama Senior’s propensity to drink and drive though Senior seemed to have done most of his drunk driving in Africa where he wrecked three cars, lost his legs in the second accident, and died in the third. 

Somehow, Senior, Uncle Omar and Aunt Zeituni made their way to America, Senior long enough to make a baby in Hawaii.  Poor George hasn’t gotten here as yet and subsists on a buck a week in his hovel.  

Uncle Omar, 67, was charged with DUI, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and failure to yield the right of way when he rolled through a stop sign in Framingham, Massachusetts.  The police noted his speech was slurred and he tested with a blood alcohol level of 0.14%, 0.6% over the limit.  He denied he had been drinking, then admitted to imbibing two beers, a pretty unlikely quantity unless each brew was half a gallon.   

The plot thickens.

Police subsequently discovered that Uncle Omar Obama had a valid driver’s license and Social Security identification but wasn’t supposed to be in the country in the first place.  He’s an illegal alien and is currently being held on an immigration detainer, usually a prelude to deportation by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  (http://bit.ly/qrhw6l)  

Apprised of the incident, Deval Patrick, the African-American governor of the Bay State, responded with a typically-unresponsive, politicly-motivated comment unrelated to the issue, “You know my stance: Illegal is illegal.  We need comprehensive immigration reform.”  http://bit.ly/qYH6RO

Don’t bet on Onyango Obama being shipped back to Kenya, though.  He has a few aces up his sleeve, a nephew in D.C. and a sister in Boston. 

Asked by police whom he would want to contact, Uncle Omar said,”I think I will call the White House,” which usually doesn’t accept collect calls and had no comment on the situation.  

No doubt he will also drop a dime and call fellow Bostonian Zeituni who knows all the ins-and-outs on beating America’s feckless immigration system because she has already done it.  She’s probably available, too, since she has little else to do.  She’s happily living in public housing on $700 monthly “disability payments” and the benevolence of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts welfare. 

Sister Zeituni could write a book about how she screwed the immigration system, with a few chapters devoted to How Best to Be an Ingrate. 

Twice denied asylum on the spurious basis her life would be in danger should she be deported, she kept appealing and the third time proved a charm. 

Despite her presence–as an illegal alien–at his inaugural and despite her nephew’s stated agreement on her deportation, his proclaiming, “We are a nation of laws,” the same judge who had previously rejected her petition and ordered her out of the country, an order she ignored, amazingly granted her asylum and legal residency last year. 

For some reason, the impoverished Zeituni refused to explain how she was able to retain a hotshot lawyer to represent her in her successful asylum hearing and alleged, ”I didn’t take any advantage of the system.  The system took advantage of me.  I didn’t ask for it; they gave it to me.  Ask your system.  I didn’t create it or vote for it.  Go and ask your system.” (http://bit.ly/o9W7h0) 

Now, here is where Uncle Omar should pay careful attention if he wants to demonstrate an utter contempt for the United States to complement his and Zeituni’s obvious disdain for our laws.

Following his asylum and/or ignorance of American immigration regulations pleas, which may be granted when his nephew can find a judge to his liking, or even if the deportation order is upheld while his nephew seeks re-election, he should ignore his official status, just as his sister did, and follow that show of contempt by sticking it in America’s face.        

Most foreigners would be elated at being allowed to stay in the United States and to suck on the public teat indefinitely, but not dear Aunt Zeituni.  In an interview on WBZ-TV, she said she had no regrets over cutting the public housing line in Boston and made a further demand: “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.”  

An illegal gets asylum, gets welfare, gets housing preference and still has the audacity to make demands?  Uncle Omar has a lot of learning to do compliments of his sis if he wants to beat that drunk rap and stay in this country.  

Who knows?  With the help of a few hotshot lawyers Zeituni knows, he could become the next mayor of Boston!  The Obama clan might even let George Obama into the country and give him a decent meal–if his half brother is re-elected.