With news evolving at warp speed today, it’s challenging to keep up but I can do it, at least if the news relates to developments of some significance.  When the news involves Thomas Jefferson and the mainstream media, it’s definitely in need of updating. 

Thomas Jefferson Picture and   For example, contrary to popular African-American belief, the principal author of America’s Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, may not have authored children by his slave, Sally Hemings, and she may have been the concubine of Tom’s allegedly randy younger brother, the much less distinguished Randolph Jefferson. 

No doubt the debatable Jeffersonian DNA evidence will cause widespread consternation among America’s African-American community which has claimed a Jefferson connection for a decade now, a Thomas Jefferson, not a Randolph Jefferson connection, and has to deflate their genetic pretensions.  

The only definite link established by the 1998 DNA match between one of Sally Hemings’ six children, Eston Hemings, and a Jefferson was merely that, a male Jefferson match, not necessarily the Jefferson link. 

"The Jefferson-Hemings Controversy: Report of the Scholars Commission" is a new look at a very old dispute about American history. (Carolina Academic Press)   Robert F. Turner, former University of Virginia professor and Chairman of the Scholars Commission, announced the release of his new book which exposes fallacies in the theory that America’s third president fathered Eston, fallacies largely predicated on circumstantial evidence.              

Predictably, the new claims by 12 of the 13 members of Turner’s commission are disputed by various parties with a dog in the Jefferson paternity fight, groups and individuals with a vested interest in the matter. 

Leslie G. Bowman, president of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, objectively noted that, “Like the scholars commission . . . the foundation acknowledges there is no way to fully prove or disprove the issue.  Our evidence is the same as their evidence–our interpretation of it is different.”  (http://bit.ly/pPT0QD)  

Absent testimony by Sally, Thomas, and Randolph, we will never know the truth.

The truth about the MSM–that it is dominated by liberals, leftists, Democrats, and Obamalovers–is indisputable even as most of the mainstream media continue their absurd pretense of journalistic integrity and objectivity.    

Is the New York Times paywall   Led by the “Old, Grey Lady,” the New York Times which gets greyer and more partisan by the day and which prints all the news it sees fit to print, Obama’s media antedated Obama in their decades-long campaigns to distort news in favor of liberals and liberal points of view at the same time they disparaged, ridiculed, and denounced Republicans and conservatives.         

As far back as Dwight Eisenhower whom the media often depicted as a militaristic dolt, through Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, both of whom were customarily characterized as nincompoops–and worse–the media portrayed anyone who didn’t tow the leftist line as serving far above their pay grade. 

Richard Nixon and George H. W. Bush 41 escaped those characterizations, Nixon because he carried so much other baggage that attacks on his intelligence would be superfluous, Bush 41 because he was a war hero and a closet liberal.  Ironically, those presidents the MSM delighted most in attacking, Ike, Ronaldus Magnus, and GWB, all won second terms. 

Dutifully serving as Barack Hussein Obama’s election vanguard, the so-called mainstreamers trotted out their expected salvos early and often in their efforts to decimate Republican contenders for the presidency of every stripe before they could mount a viable threat to their tainted hero. 

Donald Trump was outed as a birther nutcase, Tim Pawlenty as an insipid pretender, Mitt Romney as a stiff adherent to a strange religion.  But the MSM saved their big guns for conservatives with any real shot at the gold ring:  Representative Michelle Bachmann and, most recently, the guy who could send serious chills down leftist, Obamian spines, Texas Governor Rick Perry. 

President Jimmy “Malaise” Carter lusted in his electoral heart to run against Reagan, believing, as he said of Teddy Kennedy that he could “kick his ass,” and Reagan sent Jimmy back to his peanut farm.  Whether guilty of a comparably gross miscalculation concerning Perry or due to the aforementioned serious chill, Obama’s mainstream media have been relentlessly sniping at Perry with transparently obvious DNC talking points. 

Who Is Rick Perry?   As Dan Gainor on CNSNews.com observed, those points–”crazy, stupid, racist, evil”–are tiresomely repetitive and all those epithets are now regularly being applied to Perry after the MSM exhausted themselves painting Bachmann with the same charges. 

Media hatchet men and women had used “stupid” and its alliterated variations, “dumb,”  “dim,” and “dense,” with great effect to dismantle Sarah Palin and figured, Why not go with success in cutting up Perry? 

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It's so awful.   Taking a complementary tack, MSNBC’s darling, Chris Matthews, the man who reached virtual orgasms in Obama’s presence and who has described everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to Newt Gingrich as “evil,” added the racist fillip by comparing Perry to “Bull Connor with a smile.” 

After all, we all know that anyone who disagrees with Obama must be a racist.  Matthews’ fellow leftist loonies, Bill Maher and Janeane Garafolo, even branded conservative African-American Herman Cain with the racist label, though Garafalo mitigated his racism by concocting a fantastical story about the GOP paying him off. (http://bit.ly/mQOUvb)  

Those clinging to the faded hope that President Thomas Jefferson is a distant relative and those media mainstreamers grasping calumnious straws to rip all opposition to Barack Hussein Obama have one thing in common: desperation.  The dubious presidential relations are desperate to latch onto an American icon, the MSM is desperate to destroy any and all who could smash their version of an icon. 

The final outcome of the wannabe Jeffersonians’ quest is inconsequential, the potential outcome of November 6, 2012 is incalculable.