I was just a teenager back in 1959 but I can still recall the great hullabaloo, predominantly positive hulabaloo, over Fidel Castro, with the media referring to him as the “George Washington of Cuba” and exulting over their darling’s victory over the evil Fulgencio Batista, with teachers all a-bubble with excitement since Cuba was finally free. 

Not only was Batista, El Hombre, a dictator but he had illegally seized power, had consorted with gamblers and known criminals, and suffered from the severe liability (to American leftists) of being friendly toward the United States. 

Fidel Castro   Similar to the 2008 hype for Barack Hussein Obama, his successor, Fidel Castro was hailed a a savior, a man of the people who would bring joy and prosperity to his island nation.   Fidel couldn’t quite walk on water as Obama could but he seemed to share most other Obama qualities and oratorical skills, sans teleprompters.

Not known at the time, with the able assistance of his fellow Marxist revolutionary, Che Guevara, Fidel would imprison and murder tens of thousands of his countrymen, come close to initiating World War III, and reduce Cuba to an economic basket case. 

An added bonus for leftist Castrophiles is that, unlike Batista, Fidel hates America. 

on arming Libyan rebels   Although they may not smoke cigars because Islam and Allah frown on tobacco products, the Libyan rebels now on the verge of deposing Muammar Khadaffi and hopefully doing unto him what Iraqis did unto Saddam Hussein may very well turn out to be far worse for U.S. interests than both “mad dog of the Middle East” and the mad dog of the Caribbean. 

Khadaffi was certainly not one of America’s best buddies and continued to support international Islamic terrorism yet he, allegedly, abandoned his efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction in 2003, after America massively visited mass destruction on Afghanistan and Hussein’s regime.  

Nevertheless, “The devil you know . . . ” and Libyan rebel devils may soon make the United States yearn for the good, old Muammar days. 

Our president, peace-lover that he is, refused to concede that our war in Libya was even a war. 

'kinetic military action'   The White House opted to describe the conflict as a “kinetic military action” while we  kinetically led NATO forces against Khadaffi loyalists, launched hundreds of kinetic Tomahawk cruise missiles against Tripoli and loyalist strongholds, and gave Syria’s equally-treacherous Bashar al-Assad a free pass. 

You see, war bad, kinetic military action good in Obamaese.  As for Assad, the Obamians haven’t a clue what to do. 

Like Fidel Castro who was deemed good contrasted with Fulgencio Batista, the Libyan rebels are likewise considered the good guys compared to Khadaffi.  Like Castro, they are likely to bite America on its collective arse, only more severely.  

Demonstrating umbrage and a sense of Islamic honor, the rebels have denied they are instruments of the Muslim Brotherhood, that brotherhood dedicated to establishing  Sharia and a worldwide Muslim caliphate which would have little tolerance for non-Muslims. 

The Libyan rebels have been outed and exposed for what they are–lying, hypocritical Islamic hypocrites who are destined to act like snakes– just as the Taliban did in accepting and utilizing American-Western aid and weapons to defeat the Soviets in its almost decade long war in Afghanistan then plotted to destroy the Great Satan on September 11th, 2001. 

Last week, the rebels tipped their anti-American hand when they refused to release the Libyan terrorist responsible for the Lockerbie bombing, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was freed by the Brits in 2009 on the humanitarian grounds of his terminal illness and imminent death and is alive, well, and protected today. 

Obama’s White House fully supported Megrahi’s release though it has been preternaturally silent on the issue of whether Megrahi should be repatriated, to a British prison. (http://bit.ly/nrJiEQ) 

We subsequently learned of verified reports confirming that an Islamic terrorist–or is that redundant?–will be heading up the main rebel forces. 

Abdelhakim Belhajthat, who claims he was tortured as an terrorist combatant and also claims he has no ill feelings, ”acknowledged having fought alongside al-Qaeda jihadists in Afghanistan but said that his Libyan group never espoused the same ideology of al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden.”  He contends that his ”Islamic combat group was never a part of al Qaeda, neither from an ideological point of view, nor from an operational point of view.” (http://reut.rs/rawXs5)  

Believing that hogwash would be tantamount to buying into an Islamic tooth fairy. 

Further demonstrating that the Libyan rebels are not quite all they have been dedicated to better times in Libya, numerous stories have been circulating that the rebels don’t exactly take to blacks. 

Yahoo News is reporting that the rebs have been “rounding up” thousands of black Libyans and migrants as if they were stray cattle, accusing them of being Khadaffi sympathizers, and confining them in outdoor prisons that would be deemed inhumane even to cows. (http://yhoo.it/qTaBgL) 

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Rebel   AmericanThinker.com goes where Yahoo dares not go in revealing that the round-up isn’t limited to confinement. 

Rick Moran reports that it is more akin to a massacre with black African bodies littering the streets and shores of Tripoli.  As Moran writes, “Racism is certainly playing a role, although there appear to be a few black Africans fighting with the anti-Gaddafi forces.” (http://bit.ly/pVCz72)  

Perhaps most disconcerting to American leftists, the Associated Press related story on the rebels notes that, “The detentions have created an image problem for the rebel leadership, which relies heavily on Western support and has pledged to build a new Libya based on the rule of law, in contrast to Gadhafi’s brutal regime.”

The AP fails to mention massacres, an oversight I’m sure. (http://apne.ws/rbJRdP)  

The Libyan rebel al-Qaeda affiliation and their evident vicious natures are proof positive  that, in terms of posing  a dire threat to the United States, the rebels make Castro appear almost saintly.  At least Fidel never attacked us and never will whereas the Libyans and their jihadist compatriots would just love to–after we install them in power, send them tens of billion dollars in aid, and proclaim their leaders the George Washingtons of the Mideast.