Happy Labor Day from the Democrat Party, you barbarian S.O.B. Republicans!   Where are the simpler days of civility? 

Nancy Pelosi   I thought former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had scraped the bottom of the empty Democrat barrel and her vacuous brain when she asked at a fundraiser whether Republican kids breathe air. 

No, Nance, they and their parents inhale carbon dioxide straight up just to show how tough they are and they even think it’s wise to read legislation prior to passing it.  

That Pelosi query can simply be classified as a typically dumb nancy-ism. 

What Howard Fineman predicted on “Hardball,” that the Democratic strategy for the presidential and congressional elections will be “down and dirty,” was far from dumb and was reflected in Labor Day remarks by Teamsters President James Hoffa and America’s Vice President Joe Biden. 

On a day ostensibly set aside to celebrate the contibutions of workers to the betterment of society, both Hoffa and Biden demeaned the labor movement and the nation. 

Hoffa showed he had learned all there is to know about dirty campaigning and the politics of thuggery from his daddy.  Biden went him one better by reducing the upcoming presidential campaign to what will probably be the “downed and dirtiest” ever, to war, and not a pretty war at that.

James P Hoffa   Appearing at a predominantly union labor rally in Detroit on Monday,  Hoffa was at his bellicose, reprehensible best in declaring opposition to “a war on workers” and pledged his troops to the president: “President Obama, this is your army.  We are ready to march!” 

For positive reinforcement, he bellowed, “Let’s take these sons of bitches out.” 

Parsing that invective, it would seem Hoffa was committing the 1.4 million dues-paying members to enlist or be drafted into his “army” and the “sons of bitches” must refer to any Americans not supporting the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama. 

I can almost understand Hoffa’s obvious angst over the labor movement, in view of the collapse of private sector membership from its heyday to a mere 7% of the work force, but does he mean by “taking us out” that he wants us all killed?   

He should be reminded that–except for the SEIU and other crazies– the violent union days of the IWW and the UMW are long past and that, in 2011, ”The Sopranos” has been cancelled and we have entered a new age of Obamian civility. 

See Jimmy Junior’s videotaped call to arms here: http://bit.ly/nMFkj3  

Hoffa should also be reminded that his father’s body has never been recovered and he should avoid at all costs visiting the New Jersey Meadowlands and the Florida Everglades. 

Big Bad Barak Obama's Banking   Joe Biden visits lots of places, most recently the Peoples Republic of China where he sucked up to America’s new owner-in-waiting, but unfortunately got back just in time to complement Hoffa’s warlike “sons of bitches” observations with his own obnoxious comments. 

In his Labor Day address to an AFL-CIO audience in Cincinnati, the next in line to the presidency demonstrated that he, too, missed his boss’s memo on civility. 

VP Biden didn’t characterize Americans who disagree with Obama as S.O.B.s.  He painted us as ”barbarians” at America’s gate, a term which derives not from “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” but from the Roman view of semi-savages and from a popular 1980′s metaphor describing uncouth people, particularly grasping capitalists. 

Like Hoffa, Biden invokes extremist militaristic terminology calling the presidential campaign ”a fight for the heart and soul of the labor movement, a fight, literally, for our right to exist . . . to stop this onslaught.”  Then, with that 7% in mind, he broadens his warning by saying, “The middle class is under attack,” and concludes with a proven applause line which shifts the Democrat Party’s declaration of political war from its initiators to the Republicans. 

See excerpts from the VP’s harangue and the AFL-CIO reaction here: http://bit.ly/oJvI1F 

UK columnist Tony Harden asked if Obama would condemn Hoffa’s and Biden’s remarks but that had to have been a joke.  Barack would sooner condemn Michelle’s fatuous fat campaign than to take issue on points raised by a labor bigwig or by his chosen second-in-command. 

The election of 2012 will indeed be struggle for America’s heart and mind, for the Congress of the United States, and for the leadership of the nation.  If people such as the head of the historically-corrupt Teamsters, James P. Hoffa, and the acknowledged court jester, VP Joseph R. Biden, win the Democrat war against America, we might as well accept the widely-held notion that the era of our nation’s supremacy and exceptionalism is over.